Learning to Play the Violin

Now you may say that learning the violin is too late for me, you may be right but I don’t plan to play in a grand orchestra or something but simply really want to play it.

Objective one: Persuade my lovely wife to allow me to purchase a violin.

Yes, married life has protocols stricter than the bureaucratic corporations. I had to convince her that I really want to play it. I had to do all sorts of maneuvering in book and some dash of puppy eyes and sprinkle of absolute charm ( I mean begging like a little kid). Eventually she said YES!( This is the third time I’m jubilant because of the word.haha)

Objective Two: Teacher or Self-taught

Beforehand i have already researched the ways I can learn to play my options are:

  • Pay for a teacher
  • Ask a friend to teach me
  • Buy a book and self-study
  • Learn online via youtube

For financial reasons and just because I’m a bit of a practical person now( thanks to my oh so beautiful wife). I opted to learn online via youtube. For people who cringe with the idea of being self-taught please send me money to pay for a teacher hahah.

Objective three: Actually learning the violin.

I found a popular and great tutorial on youtube The Online Piano and Violin Tutor. She offers free lessons for beginners. She teaches violin and the piano and has an enticing british accent( who doesn’t like the british accent?). I’m slowly learning through her lessons and in my opinion its concise and not intimidating the way she puts it. Please subscribe and like her videos its one way to say thanks to a God-sent that shares her gift to people passionately.

Now there are 2 major reasons why I want really want to play the violin in the most decent way possible for me.

  1. To serenade my beloved wife with a piece that I hope will express my love and passion for her and always keep my vow to her.
  2. To eventually play a lullaby to our child to be.

Right now I can honestly say I suck at it. And that doesn’t bother me, it only means that I still have ways to go to learn to play it decently.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a piece with you guys when I get better.



Sweet Slumber

​I labor in the night
Sleep is my daily plight
I try with all my might
I always lose rhe fight

I spend daylight perplexed
Toss and turned ending vexed
Heedless in what is next
I infer that I’m hexed

Oh great Sandman heed me
Pray you grant sleep to me
I’d gladly pay the fee
For the sweet slumber I seek.


I’m Married!

I’m Married!

     This post is for people who are in the stage in their lives where they wonder: What is it like to be married? or Is being married like having a boyfriend/girlfriend? or rather is married life for me?
     Alas! I am now a married man! At the age of 26, I got married to my lovely wife Engrace ( yes that’s a lovely and unique name :)) last year May 15th ,2015 . A civil wedding was held in the little provincial courthouse in Los  Banos, Laguna. I know, i know why not a church wedding? well funny thing is, that is the original plan. but we agreed that her side of the family will have the civil wedding, and my side of the wedding will be the church wedding which will be in a later date. 
     That aside,  Married life isn’t one would expect….that would be the thing i would say if i haven’t anticipated it since i was in the 6th grade( yes a bit girly for a guy to think like that.). Back then I use to dream of what kind of girl I’m going to end up with, while looking at the sunset at Fort San Pedro Drive-in. Cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth. I learned early in life that im bound to be married, not because I’ll have a child early, but simply because I believe that I’ll need someone who will join the pains and joy in the journey we call life.

     Now,  this is just the start of our journey.I hope to learn about life with her and indulge in the amusments and trials life has to offer. To you who is marriend and getting married. Godspeed.


I Got a Bike! I call her Midnight.

As a kid most of us has been taught(or forced to) to ride a bike. Most of us had scrapped knees, elbows or sometimes the head for some reason.image

I’m going to list a few things I learned riding my bike as an adult.

  • Once you learned how to ride a bike. it will be second nature to ride it in your adulthood(well unless you got crippled or never really took off those trainers)
  • Balance is Important.  Balance is practically the first skill you must have to ride a bike, but with enough balancing skill you can ride one-handed, no-handed(fun, you can gloat too..watch out for the  tree though).
  • Always Bring WATER.  Rehydrating yourself is very important, you don’t want to burn out in the middle of the ride. Also its a good idea to drink water in small amounts over time. if you’re not thirsty it doesn’t mean your body won’t need it after a few kilometers.
  • Bring food/Money for food.  When going on a long ride, always bring snacks that will keep you fueled on the road to avoid pigging out at the end of the ride(or else say hello to the extra kilos is a while and yeah exhaustion )
  • Wear GLOVES.   At first it may be a great idea to not wear those gloves, but trust me you want them if you want your hands to be usable.(Think Blisters, oh blisters!)
  • Wear Helmet .  Well common sense, unless you want a cracked skull.
  • Check your bike before setting out. A quick check up to see if your bike is running smoothly and safely is worth it. There was a time I almost lost control of my bike because my cogs where broken (due to my negligence i admit)
  • Love Your BIKE.  A well maintained bike is a reliable bike, you don’t want to wear your drivetrain faster than it should just because you don’t maintain it.(love your bike like you love that little pet you have 😉 )
  • YOU WILL HAVE TAN LINES. Be prepared to have tan lines, especially if you’re going on long rides.(though it sort of your initiation rites tattoo.)
  • Use the right GEAR. Always use the right gear whether its climbing a very steep climb, starting again after a traffic light stop, or just speeding in the sweet smooth pavement. This will help you keep your legs and your drivetrain longer.( And yes again I tried using the hardest gear climbing up,,why? because….well because..)
  • Bring a friend along makes the ride smoother.  Bringing a friend along makes the ride easier and fun (I remember us singing Bohemian Rhapsody while catching our breaths ..:D )
  •  Exploring new Routes can be exciting.  I have currently 5 different routes going to the office and back. exploring new routes also makes you discover new places you can hang out. Also avoiding Traffic if the  usual routes are congested.(YES you still have to deal with the traffic even on a bike)
  • Observer Traffic Rules. If you like screaming “YOLO!” be my guest, cross the intersection with speeding cars running across.(I did attempt this before, I got yelled at, scratched my bike and almost hurt myself badly) Seriously, wait for the freaking lights to go green then go.
  • Bicycle bells Don’t mean anything to pedestrians.(well in my country it doesn’t).  I only get mean looks or get screamed at when i tried using it and I bumped them a bit when they didn’t hear my bike bell.
  • CARS ARE BIGGER SO DON’T RISK IT.  Apparently Cars are bigger and heavier, so don’t try to tackle them, you’ll just make a fool of yourself and maybe meeting your creator earlier than expected.


Engraced with the Seal

I am a Bosconian, I feel proud and good everytime I proclaim that, I was first made a bosconian when I was in my first year of High school. It was the first time, I attended a all-boys school, no pretty flowers to fly around at. It was a culture shock to me because I am unfamiliar of how they interact with each other(especially I hailed from the City of Love). Nonetheless, I gained friends, friends whom I felt I would keep for all of my life. One day when I was exploring around the school, I felt the presence of the Holy Mother, as if cradling me in Her arms. It was a weird feeling but also a soothing one. I found myself in front of the chapel. I decided to walk in silence and genuflect at the altar and beheld the image of the holy mother as I turned to pray among the pews. From this day I have been bestowed the seal.

Carrying the Seal

Eventually, I had to transfer schools, I went to 2 different schools until I finished Highschool. To myself, I still felt I was a Bosconian, I never knew why exactly. As I entered College I went to a Baptist University in my home town. It was a wonderful experience for me along with the freedom I never really had back when I was in Manila. I still carry values that follow the a Bosconian. I lived by the great phrases: run,jump, shout but do not sin, and do your ordinary work, extraordinarily
with gentleness and prudence.

The Calling from the Seal

However, I was feeling that something is missing . One day my mother asked me if I wanted to go back to Manila, in weighing the benefits, my money was in staying, but I felt a certain calling to go back to Manila , go back to where my heart called me to, Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong and the Holy Mother

The Growth and living by the Seal

I have journeyed into my chosen path as a Computer Engineer in DBTC, I had an enlightenment that, Don Bosco doesn’t just teach us about the academic aspects, but more importantly the Values that Don Bosco endowed to his Pupils. As a legacy it is passed on to us.

Up until today, I still and will always try to live by my Seal and proudly say “I am a Bosconian.

This is my story,my journey,my Seal

Baking is Life Plan and Cooking is a Life Guide

Originally, I planned to write this article with life guide is better than life plan, but eventually I realized that it doesn’t work that way. There are different perspective people see the world in, different lenses that most of the time we cannot fully understand or just do not have the opportunity or will to see it. Now let me show you my thoughts about these two terms.


A lot of people would describe baking as a science, as it must be the right amount of ingredients and the right procedure  and right temperatures. More like having a controlled environment to prove something inside the lab. We all have plans, and more often plans doesn’t go smoothly as we desired it to be(like having to exercise every morning :P) .

“Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things,”

We populate the list like crazy and not think of the effect of things we just added and the things we originally had on a list, like  adding dark chocolate to a rich cheese cake(yes I tried this, it taste a bit off :P).  Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things, every condition must be fulfilled to get the result you want. Usually these are for people who are very Strict and ruthless to get what they want. People who have very firm grip on what they want and will do anything to reach it. Think of it as a lab experiment to reproduce a result that a lot of people already has done.The upside for a life plan is when you do things right you get the prize!( I personally find this a bit of too good to be true.:P)

Cooking is like a Life Guide
20130725-112434.jpgI presume that you guys cook(if not why not start? I promise to eat the first attempt:D). My mom is a food caterer so I get to be the food taster!(yey for me!) , I noticed when my mom is very Happy, expect a meal fit for the king of kings! On the contrary, when she’s in a foul mood, expect something saturated(seriously!). Then I thought of the line ” love is the ultimate ingredient in food” , I figured the complexity of cooking makes it all mysterious in a way. Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow,

“Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow, but rather its more of creating your own process for achieving something YOU own. “

but rather its more of creating your own process to achieving something YOU own.   Yes I must admit this process is something that will likely get you to commit more errors than having a life plan, but the upside for this one is you don’t need to restrain yourself when getting what you want, you just put little adjustments to point you the right direction .

In the end of the day, nobody really decides which one will you follow, will you be a Baker or a Cook? Nobody can really say this but YOU. I Just aim to give my insights on the matter and let you think for a while are you cooking something or baking something?.

Learning From Scarcity

Piggy in Rehab

Have you ever got to the point in starting your career where you find yourself scrambling for funds just because you blew it off the over the weekend without thinking? Well I have , or rather so many times! Likely I’m still in the wrong notion that I could replenish it every time my salary comes around and spend it the way I want it. All those careless actions have their repercussions of course.

Here are some of the consequences for being a payday millionaire.

  • You have to embarrass yourself by loaning from your family or friends
  • Pay for the loans the next payout
  • Scramble about where to get your living expenses until the next payout
  • You don’t get to save anything until you pay everything
  • You sacrifice eating your favorite food because you don’t have enough dough to push you through the week

Now what do we do to AVOID these kinds of circumstances? Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Don’t chew more than you can swallow ( Easy on the spending you payday millionaire)
  • Put up an emergency Fund ( Yes, clearly we all need this for emergencies)
  • Separate Account for Savings and spending (To stop you from spending your dough on useless stuff) 
  • Temptation Control (this means your will not  blow off your money over the weekend)
  • Save up for something rather than Swiping away with your credit cards
  • Differentiate NEEDS  from  WANTS.

Most essentially, how do you go about when you’re now in need for funds?

  • Loan from your family or friends and be sure to pay them back as soon as you have the money .(Very embarrassing)
  • Kick off a sideline Job (your job isn’t your only talent right?)
  • Beg on the street pretending to be blind or disabled( you can pass that one right? Kidding:D)
  • Spend the money you have at hand wisely ( no more blowing money like sand)
  • Sell yourself on ebay(Really? are you even worth anything? :P)
  • Plan your budget and stick with it as hard as you can (or just stay in the vicious cycle you’re in right now :D)

Here’s a start for you my friend

10 peso for you

I’m sharing these advises as they have happened to me, and the advice I gave are some of the things that prove effective for me personally, You should think about ways to personalize the things to avoid overspending or eventually draining your funds and your  net worth to reach below zero.

Credit to the images is from:

[iloveorlakiely.blogspot.com] – Google Images

[en.wikipedia.org] – google iamges

Advice to the newly Grads

First of all, I’d like to greet you congratulations! Welcome to the world of the working class(that is if you plan to work 🙂 ). You made it to the finish line! But well, there is this saying that ” every ending has a new beginning”, Its like you’ve reach the World 4 of Super Mario Bros and reached the castle and with the mushroom guy telling you the princess is in another castle..(yeah sucks! ahaha ). A lot of changes will happen.

  • You don’t have an excuse now to ask for your parents for stuff you want(well until you get a job)
  • You have to talk to people(yes in the interviews and coworkers)
  • You are basically on your own( decisions are made by yourself not by your parents)
  • You will feel a sense of helplessness when you still don’t get a job
  • You don’t get to have allowance like you do in college
  • You have to Look for work
  • You suddenly realized you’re an adult now

Secondly, How to Look for a Job

  • Go to Job fairs and actually look for a Job
  • make a job street profile or any similar site that will increase your chances of landing in one
  • Contact your seniors or relatives if they have opening on their companies
  • Walk-in into companies
  • Send your resume to companies through their websites
  • Dont find a job and  build your own company
  • Be a PIMP (seriously?)
  • Be MANLY (that guy was winking at you if you know what I mean 😉 bwhahahaha)

Thirdly, some tips on job interviews

  • Wear something appropriate(depends  on your job if you’re an artist you can keep the dreads on)
  • Practice shaking hands properly (and please wash them after you go to the restroom!)
  • DO NOT LIE ON THE RESUME(unless you’re a professional con artist)
  • Be courteous
  • DEFINITELY DO NOT LIE ON THE INTERVIEW (again unless you are a professional con artist)
  • Every gesture, movement, tone of speech, proficiency in speech is important
  • EYE CONTACT ( look into the interviewer’s eyes, but try not to be creepy)
  • If the job Isn’t your specialty but you are Trainable they would take you!
  •  Be humble (Bragging turns your interviewer off)
  • BE CONFIDENT (don’t be too full of yourself! BATMAN is still better than you!)
  • Be YOU (No don’t be Chandler Bing in these moments)
  • Aim High but not too high, and not too low on the Salary(unless you are really really really skilled with your stuff)

Fourthly,When you didn’t get the Job(but i’m sure you will!)

  • Not everybody  gets the job on the first try(and you stammered because you where nervous! :D) 
  • There are greater opportunities for you
  • Keep on Looking
  • keep looking
  • keep looking
  • or Build your own company
  • cry yourself to sleep every night and live with your parents until your 40(kidding!)

LASTLY, when you get a Job(YEY!)

  • Show up on time on your first job on time
  • the workplace is like HIGHSCHOOL
  • Try to meet as many people as you can (you’ll need it trust me)
  • Be humble
  • SMILE!
  • Make Friends
  • Ask questions even if you think its stupid
  • expect Rudeness at times
  • Talk to your manager or a co worker if you are unsure about anything related to work
  • Work doesn’t have to be Boring.
  • Keep the work-life balance
  • LOVE YOUR WORK (It gives you the money to survive)
  • Most importantly LEARN

In conclusion, You have to make a lot of adjustments, keep in mind that you are in a new chapter of  your life, a turning point , a crossroad. You are on your own, you can ask help but never let them do it for you.You will realize why your parents are busy with their work and who are they working hard for.   Good luck, stay sane and SURVIVE.

here’s for the long post..:D


Resolve, Sacrifice and Renewal

      Resolve, how do we define resolve ? How do we even find out if we are even capable of having resolve in our decisions? These past few weeks was wonderful, I took a rest from everything that makes me worry, but as the Judgement day, the Day where I will make a big decision in my life, a turning point if you will. I cannot even begin on how things are going so fast but not that I’m bothered by it.I just  couldn’t believe I am actually in a point where I’m in the mid-air part of my jump.  Yes I admit, I am feeling unsettled, but I know what my decision is, I made this decision on my own will, Its just that I haven’t been into this point. Its like an uncharted  territory that gives me the creeps, that I do not have anything in plan, I go with the flow, every step of the way is like largely spaced stones in a river I must leap with caution and balance.

     Sacrifice,  in every decision there is something you must sacrifice. A loss you will probably not notice until it sinks into you in the end. I am not the one that regrets my decisions, especially I did it with my will and from my heart. I am cautious but that does not stop me from making high-risk decisions. Nobody really knows what the future has in store for all of us. I am now in a point where I must sacrifice something I have , something I held on for years now, something I invested my soul and heart into. Yes ,its like a programmer abandoning one of his babies, its really hard for that programmer to let go, but the necessity of the times has taken its toll and its also for the growth that the programmer has been praying for. There is always the Opportunity Cost for everything we decide on, and I already weighed the possibilities and the loss of the situation. This will not end well for everyone, but sometimes that’s how life goes.  Some lose something, some gain something. We all have to compromise if we want to get what we want, and just improve on that thing we  received.  This is the first time I am really unsettled with an idea of giving up something for something that I know and I decided will bring me growth.  Sacrificing something for someone else is Love. I am sacrificing something because of Love. I know I will not regret this, as I know if its love , its worth more than anything. This is an opportunity I don’t just  wave and smile at this opportunity, as I know in my heart this will only come once in a life time. I must let go of the thing I am holding onto to jump and grab that opportunity.



“I don’t just  wave and smile at this opportunity”



Renewal, What I learned from this experience of mine is this is also an opportunity of renewal, no matter what choice I made in the end. A choice that will be my turning point in the future. A turning point that I believe that will change the way my life is going before. I am slowly taking steps to moving forward, regardless of my choice in Judgment Day. This is an opportune moment to expand my horizons and learn more about life and how things Go. Yes I know everything we learn in life is learnt in Kindergarten, but maybe this is something I overlooked over the years and I’m starting to realize that all this complications in my life is simple as  “I’m sorry” , “thank you” and “I love you” or we fight today and end up feeling bad, the next day we still befriend each other like nothing happened yesterday.



to that I leave you this image:



Ideal Leader

Every election season, you can’t not possibly feel it as this is the season, where politicians are brimming with projects that are supposedly done during their term, not at the end of their term. I can’t blame people for having their choice of poison.

I’m here to point out my ideal leader traits

One of the rarest thing I see with leaders today, one reason here is that they do not hold themselves accountable for their mistakes because they realize it will blemish their “clean” figure. A basic tactic and evasive maneuver they do perfectly like Tom Cruise in the Matrix evading bullets fired at him. I personally would not trust someone who is not accountable for his actions may it be a positive action or a negative action. Accountability is one of my principles. A man with out this is no better than the an animal who runs away when it things get hot.

Ahh yes. The law states that anyone could run for office as He is at least 40 years of age , natural born Filipino, has 2 years residence in the area which he is running for ( do correct me if I am wrong with the details) . I do not see anything that requires you to have even a bachelor’s degree. Its not new where some crazy dude from the street files a certificate of candidacy, without knowledge nor experience of politics. People tend to choose candidates based on popularity and later shit brix when they find out they are not capable of handling things effectively. Having the charisma is not enough to lead but it also takes competence.

Yes, passion. A passion to serve the people and uphold the constitution that is by the people, for the people. Without passion you will go astray from your purpose as a leader. You are to show the people that you are one of them and willing to work for them not them working for you. That is why you are called public servant because you serve the public. if the candidate does not have the passion to serve, it would be a shame to call him a ” servant leader” . A term used by salesians of Don Bosco . Leader of the people and servant of the people.

Wew , this one is a bit tough. Some people describe the senate or the congress as the circus. As grown people act like untutored kids. Fighting like kids and raising voices the list never ends. Professionalism is defined in the dictionary as qualities to mark a profession. I need not to elaborate on how they should act .

These are just some of the traits i find in a leader or rather in general a person.

P.s. : this is my opinion, want to bash me for it? Hit the comments! And here’s a bamboo for another trait