>Imprisoned in Her Heart


Let me rest my Michelle
I feel like hell
I don’t know who to tell
Worry where I dwell

Attributes that i despise
Has taken it’s rise
As i rolled the dice
Commited a folly thrice

Can’t you feel my cry
The way I sigh
Please don’t say good-bye
It makes me feel high

Tell me if you still do
Or things have changed too
You found a new beau
I wish I knew who

Tell me why can’t we start over
Is it because of a new lover?
Or things run in the way of the clover
your word is a drowner

All is lost
I thoght it would last
But it happened too fast
Michelle let me be at rest


>Song of Love


A song touches my soul
Think of it as a Whole
It fills the hole
Unaware of being sole

Love is like a song
It doesn’t take long
Fighting it seems wrong
It’s feeling that you belong

Songs may be romantic
As love can be ironic
As it may be chronic
But sometimes Byronic

Messages are simply implied
It’s tone tend to be mystified
Utters things that can’t be defined
Things tend to be refined

Like thew sensations
Lets go of the situation
Closing eyes in satisfaction
You’ll feel the connections

Don’t try to find it
It won’t even fit
Just go with it
The candle will soon lit

>Phone Calls


Now I’m all alone
Please hear my tone
I don’t know how to walk throught the zone
I don’t mind being on the phone

In the early evening
A single star was shining
That stand out as the sky begins darkening
As my sorrow slowly fading

Time flies as we connect
Laugh at thoughts we select
Smile at topics we reject
State things we protect

As memories taken out
Look back on the things we were about
And forget about doubt
Let it ooz to the south

Thanks for you time
For the amazing rhyme
That bloomed a sign
I will all is fine

Words of a lover
That decieved a starter
Pressures the latter
But showed a ladder

>Song of the Rain


The rain sings the memories
Sweet and pleasant stories
That seems to ease my worries
victorious than a thousand victories

Bearing this endless pain
like a hovering train
A great warrior slain
Or a crashing plane

She lingers with our shared treasure
Business or leisure?
Heart crushes without seizure
Windows move to see the creature

I hide myself in the chamber
To burry the things i shouldn’t remember
Why do you fail me september?
Missing you lips so tender