>aftermath hurts the worst


At first I thought I was over her….i was wrong…I couldn’t stop the water falls from falling…the wound from gushing with pain….the heart beats never changed…I am not my self since the day she gave me back my bruised heart…it slowly bleeds in my hands…she was my Happiness.. now she abandoned me…Each time I think of the Sweet memories it crushes me…I couldn’t believe that she’s not with me anymore…my life once complete now shattered into insignificant pieces…once happy with the true emotion of happiness now melancholic behind the laughing face that everyone sees….i seek serenity but I’m trapped in this music of "JAZ" .My heart wonders of what have I done wrong to deserve this kind of pain and Melancholy….I use to rule my world and she reigns my Heart…now melancholy rules my world and pain reigns my heart….All I ever wanted is to make her the happiest person..but I don’t know where did all go….i was open to her..yet she refuse to open her heart to me and let me be in her life….I was so attached want nothing more than to be with her..but there are things that make our setting a bit complicated…I use to ask her if she’s OK of what we have..and she said she was happy and contented…love is true if it doesn’t give up on any obstacle that may come its way…may it be distance or temptation….Amor Vincit Omnia!!!!My love I wish to be with you once again no matter how long it may take or how difficult it may be…|..£…J…


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