>Fallen Hero

>My heart shouts her name
my head says its not the same
I am lost in this game
Now I am untamed

My sword has fallen
The rhyme is broken
Vows are forgotten
My heart is swollen

Songs only remind me of her
looking back at where we were
losing every September
Don’t want to remember

Her smile crushes me
Her words drown me
Now I can never see
I wish I could dee

note:this poem was written around September – November of 2007




Beautiful is the moon
Don’t wake me from this boon
May it fade like the dune
Please don’t leave me so soon

Who will enlighten me?
In my chaotic sea
Who will bother to see?
And set me once again free

At times I am selfish
I would want to perish
Please grant my lethal wish
death is to be unleash

I am in apathy
May it fill your query
Stay till you’re weary
Oblivion, Please bury

Lost in this confusion
Caught in this strange vision
Meeting apparition
Beyond Intuition
I’m unsure and untrue
I doubt what I do
I’m bounded to whats due
Just waiting for the cue



Smiley as I call her….the reason why every morning is filled with joy and love…My heart sings in joy just thinking of her…each morning as I wake up shes the first thing on my mind..I get up from bed and reach for the phone and call her up to say good evening..and wait till 8 or 9 in the evening to greet her good morning….At First I tried to convince myself that I’m just attracted to her nothing more…but the more I say that to myself the more I  fell for her…:D….Now I call her up in the morning or any chance that I could grab just to talk to her and say  I love her and make her feel my love or even bathe her with my love for her….But her heart belongs to someone he left In the former queen city of the south……despite that fact I can’t stop myself from loving her…I told her that I’m not expecting anything from her but I ask her one thing….to let me love her with all my heart….Fool you may say…but that is how much I love her….It hurts yes…but If it doesn’t hurt it may mean that I don’t love her at all…love is bitter-sweet…but when the time comes that she really chooses him…as long as she’s happy I’m happy…I promised her that no matter what happens I will never go far away from her..I too don’t want to part from her….despite the distance that we have right now…we live in inverse light…I wish I could always bring a smile onto her face..that she may never shed a tear because of sadness…….Today I continue to love her no matter what….No matter what …I love you smiley…thats all that I know….

>My love


Wonderful is each day
Besides the morning ray
Or It’s natures way
You complete every day

Leave a grin in my face
will ace in every race
Like God’s eternal grace
Whatever may I face

Let me light up the daze
Hold you through every haze
With you through every maze
Forgive me if I gaze

Embrace me in your arms
surround me with your charm
with your sweetness so warm
I will feel no alarm

Let me be your sole knight
Only for you I fight
There to guard you at night
For you I’ll be the light

Look at the evening sky
Like my love It’ll not die
So you’ll never Cry
In my heart you will lie

>A Feeling in Flight


We live in inverse light
We talk day or night
Together in out flight
Even I’m not on sight

The true sound of your voice
A quality of choice
As if angels rejoice
In the eternal Hoists

I let you see through me
In my own Chaotic sea
Welcomed you in my lee
Made me once again free

Savoring each moment
Indulged without consent
I would never resent
I believe you’re sent

I could never define
What we have so fine
I wish this wouldn’t decline
As if God’s Mystic sign

I thank you for the time
Amazing as this rhyme
An emotion so prime
You are boldly sublime