Tonight I saw your smile
The world has stopped awhile
Beautiful as the nile
You are worth every mile

Looking at you unaware
Utter a word I’d not dare
You’re beautiful and rare
Forgive me if I stare

The music from your voice
The excellence of poise
Eliminates the noise
God’s quality of choice

Laid my intentions bold
A warning I was told
But to the end I’ll hold
Even It’ll be cold

Permitted me to woo
My heart will wait for you
Do the best I can do
I want to be your beau

To give you happiness
Not empty promises
Truly you’re my princess
A princess of no less




I’m captured by your smile
was amazed by your style 
I wondered for a while
Is it worth Every mile?

I am caught in your spell
only my heart could tell
Of how much I have fell
want to b where you dwell

Will be your faithful knight
Only for you I’ll fight
Come with me in this flight
Together in this light

love is what I present
It’s genuine without dent
Awaiting your consent
I feel that you’re God sent

lend me a little time
please listen to my rhyme
To me you are so prime
beautiful & sublime

>Music in the Past


        Music InThe Past
lingering in the past
I thought it was the last
It was something so fast
all that is left is gust

my heart still wants her
makes me remember
it makes me wonder
If to go further

my sea disagrees
to what my heart sees
to each of the degrees
It stings like the bees

I miss the fire
i’ts what I desire
I will never tire
even if I mire

filled with memories
sweet pleasant stories
eases my worries
granted by faries

I leave everything
Hold unto God’s wing
with eternal ring
for ever I sing




Even we’re miles apart
you’re always in my heart
to you I will not part
loved you from the start

love, the eternal light
with you even not on sight
together in our flight
With you in every fight

through the light we will meet
Sing and dance with the beat
Flow with the rising heat
It’s God’s eternal treat

To me you are the truth
You have given me soothe
To you I will never loot
I tire not in this suit