>The smile that keeps me burning inside…

>I saw an interesting anime called shakugan no shana. It caught my attention because it has a cute short girl as the main character…hhehe more than that its all about existance..The girl was somekind of hunter of monsters that eat the existance of humans…and if humans get eaten she replaces them with “torches” ..Torches like a temporary existance that will soon deminish without anyone noticing that they have gone out of existance.And here comes the distinctive ordinary boy who caries a valuable artifact that restores the energy of the torch every 12 midnight(btw hes a torch)….The hunters abilities is limitless when he is with this boy…I see love in this anime…how is this related…I thought about one person while watching this anime…her sweet smile, lovely smile…(okk Im smiling right now…:D). :D….even though recently we hadn’t spent much time together (barely 2 hours)…I still stay connected to her in every way I can think of…but at times the barriers of inverse lights blocks it…I love this person who inspires me in everything I do…gave me the motivation to work harder…showed me the meaning of it all…I ask nothing from her but to let me love her ..i dont expect her to love me back as much as I do…I do anything for  her to be happy ……she the fire that keeps me burning…the light that lets me see in the darkness, the sweet melody which my soul dances in resonance…the fervent ambiance….I am not everything that she wishes for….but I am who I am…loving her with all my heart and soul…If i’m being foolish let it be…for all I know this is true…every bit of it is true…I couldn’t even conseal anything from this person….for she is the only one who understands and knows the “true” me…I may be all smiles…but in truth its just a mask..only she has the magic that could open this cold shell…..I will be always here my smile…I will be grining always to you…..I LOVE YOU……:D…….


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