>Beginning from the End

> After the NO bus hit me right in the face I came back from my Illusions to the real world.From all that’s happened I’ve realize a lot of things that are already there, I didn’t notice because I was busy rushing things and didn’t take a step backward to look at it if it was still going well.To make it short I made a huge mess of my life these pass few months. I had to learn things the hard way. Rest assured I LEARNED i didn’t just EXPERIENCED it. I crumbled to the abyss of naught. I was hurt, bruised and unstable. Not a single glimmer of light shed upon me in these dark moments. I always say that Don’t cry over spilled milk, but deep inside I cry over it. It is because it was once something that made me smile more than anything. It is true that time heals, with the condition you are willing to be healed and not hold it in vain..From the past downfalls I have learned to be resilient…and starting over again…:P…


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