>Club week blues

>The Club week started with a mass and induction of all club officers. It sounds pretty normal. But this club week wasn’t we have to rush the finishing touches for the offering at the mass, Seth has to make a prayer of the faithful for our org in a few minutes during the mass and well all went well…Except for the Memo that sir John posted on the CSC office. It kind of made me disappointed. And the booth is a disaster!… I really don’t know how to handle my people..or maybe its me…my procrastination…Seriously last week I was tempted to step down from my post and just watch if things would go right without me..but i realize it would be an emotional trauma for me..and the org reached that far we wouldn’t want to put it to waste don’t we?…Tuesday morning, Raymark and me were “cleansed” with an early morning sermon form maam Vista about planning ahead and all other things…one of the gruesome scene is the CSC president is the SA of the pastoral office!!so while we were “cleansed” to the bones Madame president was present!wew!Talk about Shame….The Juan Voice went well we got 300 pesos plus for the funds thanks to miss Marjorie (shes that noisy girl at the SAC office..hehhe peace) ..next is the boat race which we well FAILED..hhaha but well it was a rush anyway and it wasn’t our forte….This morning well we had to scavenge some participants for the Brain Waves…and well Thank God Raymark pulled it off nicely…and the budget got released(ThANK GOD)…Lunch time I was eating at my usual place I was enjoying my lunch and suddenly….a critter popped out of my meal.wew!thats a treat the meal was tokwa with the sauce..and only noticed the critter when I was half way my meal…okk thats really gross…the concessioner compensated with another viand well i agreed because I wasn’t in the mood to add more tension..not the AVR issue came up…Maam Amy and emer had a little heated conversation and thankfully Emer did appologize to her..and the adventure continues Emer and me went to Savio Chruch to confirm form father Monch then to Mr. teddy then to maam elen then to Maam Amy again…then it was done!..Now the T-shit!the freaking tshit can’t be rushed on friday in time for the fashion hour..wew!!thats all for now….:P


>meet the parents

>I woke up at 6am in the morning Sunday July 5, 2010.I was anxious and filled with other mixed emotions..i am 4 hours away from mettng