>From Coffee to Tea addiction


For a few years i was really ADDICTED to Coffee, yes the typical American addiction. COFFEE ..I tried different flavors of coffee may it be called ice blended or hot, but I prefer it to be hot. I’ve got a lot of realizations from coffee. Coffee is a symbol of a good conversation(well to some it may be an implication of sex..hahha) ..I wrote a lot of poems and journals while taking a sip off my Cafe Latte…Inspires me and helps me relax and enjoy solitude in all it’s beauty. I’ve observed people who are at the coffee shops. The coffee shops themselves tell something about their customers. Starbucks in my opinion is where the general public get a cup of their coffee especially the ones who use that coffee shop to show off that they CAN afford to buy coffee from that coffee shop, or can they really?. I don’t really find delight in seeing people crowding over the coffee shop flaunting their childish acts. A venti for 5 hours? NICE! What are you some kind of cheapo who tries hard to impress people by the mere fact you can AFFORD a 170 pesos coffee and stay for 5 bloody hours?!?..This is when I realized it time to change the coffee shop I get my doze of caffeine. That’s when I started to have a cup of coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf..Their Cafe latte is waaayyy better than that of Starbucks..And the company their isn’t that hypocrite than Starbucks has. Yes there may be some conio who drink coffee there but at least they’re not pretending to be anything but themselves. Businessmen and businesswomen do their transactions there with a feeling of comfort and ease. Somehow it has a twist of being exclusive.

A few weeks after my last visit to my favorite coffee shop, I got a craving of having coffee, but due to the misplaced coffee dripper , I resorted to TEA. At first it wasn’t really pleasant drinking something that’s 99% water and tastes like leaves(well it i really leaves). But one time I think I boiled the water just right and poured it into my cup with a tea bag of black tea waiting to be brewed I was surprised when I took a sip, it was…AMAZING..I can taste the flavor that’s distinct from what I tasted before. After that day I experimented on what other things could I add on my tea to make it more flavorful . I tried to put honey(yes honey not sugar,its healthier and more delightful) on my tea and YES! it was so wonderful. As of today I tried to put some spices that can be found on our kitchen, well some of the spices don’t really fit well..like the Italian spice.It tasted awful. Tomorrow I’ll try something more different(yes I am a weird person trying stuff that don’t really fit..hehhe) . I drink black/green tea 2 – 4 times a day. It’s health benefits really show, my urine is clear and I eject waste more normal than I was with coffee…hehehhe…That’s it for now till next time!

and oh I really want to try Earl Grey tea!:P won’t you be so kind and treat me a cup?:P


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