Letting go, something that isn’t really easy to do….officially its been more than 3 years since the girl that made my dreams come true and shattered it. Yes she was the girl of my dreams I didn’t even thought a guy like me could have a girl like her…Things happened because of my actions and her actions, we both were young. I’m saying in advance that I don’t have a grudge against her. My life was miserable when she finally left me, I guess it’s part of life that i should experience….I am really thankful that she came into my life. I’ve learnt a lot and I saw myself of who I was..I was betrayed yes or thats what I felt..I took a hard fall because I loved her to the deepest of my heart….some would point out a very common thing to blame “PHYSICAL DISTANCE”. Its what they blame for what happens in long distance relationships, but I beg to differ. Physical distance can teach you some fundamentals of true love.One of it is Faith. Yes Faith,without faith your are not truly loving a person…It is very important in any relationship you might have. Trusting that other person is at first quite hard, really..because you don’t know yet how things will go..BUT WHY WORRY THAT MUCH?! Just have FAITH and everything will fall into place(of course you use common-sense at times..hehhe). This was my dire mistake back then I didn’t have much faith(and common sense)..I wasn’t really trusting her..and the result…viola! everything crumbled…There are things in this world that even the most intelligent man cannot comprehend…Do you ever wonder why all the things that cannot be explained is equated to God?..because His presence in theses powerful emotions are great. By now you may be confused of which faith I am talking about…well actually its both the FAITH that we give to Him and the faith you give your partner..Its the same even if protest…you know why its the same? Because when you have true faith in Him you also have faith in your partner…Falling down and being in the state of DISPAIR will likely taint your FAITH in HIM and in other people..It’s natural to experience that…but it doesn’t mean you have to dwell in that place for the rest of your life. It is meant to teach you something…Something that will make you love more deeply than ever before. We all walk our own paths. so we have a choice…that choice is a gift from God. We must pick the choice that will lead us to our happiness. God wants us to make a choice and stand up for ourselves, because we are part of Him…Love is a mysterious thing. It hurts you, creates a hole in your heart when we fall…but I realized that hole was meant to be made for us to be ready for the one truly for us…We love truly when we come through the all the flavors of emotion…but in the end you realize that this beautiful mess is what they call LOVE..
and what I’m feeling at this very moment is Love…It’s all because of you my beloved Acia..Ma. Engrace Escosura Lapitan..Thank you for sharing this light to me…and we will continue to burn this light till the last days of our lives I LOVE YOU…

if you read through this whole post, I thank you, and LOVE with all your heart.

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