>Love doesn’t grow on trees

>     You might be wondering what an odd title for an article. I just thought of this idea while pacing in the kitchen for some midnight fill.  Have you ever wondered why in search for the “One” as some may call it, we fall, we get disappointed, we cry in the process? But lets not forget we also feel joy and sweet fleeting feelings. Most of us want to get off the miserable feeling we feel after a battle lost. We tend to dwell in the past, as we realize that the past couldn’t be brought back. We know that forward is the only direction we must go, but we tend to hold on to it even if it hurts us and eventually destroys us.


Love doesn’t grow on trees, but rather it grows like trees. Picture a small tree bearing a rather huge fruit. Wondrous isn’t it? That in mind, do you think that tree would have the strength to support the tree before it is ready to ripe? I think not. Now Imagine A big tree bearing the same size of fruit of the small tree. Now, what do you think would be the result in this picture? Can you imagine it? The tree will bear this fruit until it is ready or sometimes the fruit just stays there. Trees experience multiple weather conditions or in other cases man-made disasters. The tree is like our parents and we are the fruits. When our parents raise us with not enough love, we tend to stray from them at an early age and blame them for not raising us well, the result?We come to be fruits that are bitter and of low quality. On the contrary if our parents give us love that we cannot even repay throughout our lifetime. We tend to grow in that love and and ripe as the sweetest fruits that the world had ever beheld. When its time to for us to be on our way, we will fall into the ground and face the harsh environment that surround us. This is essential for all  of us. Time comes that we will be on out own. We “fell”, but this is not bad. It is an experience. An experience will make us stronger than what we are yesterday. With the natural training of the harsh surroundings we are slowly turning into something that we may not even thought about…A Tree… A tree doesn’t really need someone to make it grow. It all depends on YOU. If you want to grow and live a hundred years you can! We cannot love another if we do not love ourselves. Since we are human beings and we don’t have to capability to grow off-springs by ourselves, we need someone. But its shouldn’t be just anyone. We would want to have someone who has  the same level or on our league. It is because if we choose someone who is too high we end up leeching on them, on the other hand when we choose someone who is to low they end up leeching on you. But if we were in the same league we tend to teach each other of what values we have to share and perspectives that they never thought of seeing. Everything takes time to develop.(yes even our cup noodles needs 3 minutes to cook). Love takes time and patience. We should never rush it for it will just ruin the fruit(Yesterday I saw a forced-ripped mango!!)

    Love doesn’t grow on trees , but rather grow like trees. It takes time, patience, determination and the grace of God most of all. We experience all this hardships and joys for a reason. (some call it battle scars) . It is preparing us for something.  So do not rush. Be on your own for now…and eventually That someone will come to you in unexpected moments. Stop and enjoy every moment of whatever you are experiencing right now..For it will be for something just for you in the end.

                                                                <(“) Dionysus01 <(“)


>Things Happen For a Reason

>           Things happen for a reason…Don’t you think its a cliche quote?..I don’t. I realized that countless times in my life from my childhood. For example your favorite toy gets lost due to an unknown reason. You cry throw tantrums and even sulk in the corner of the room because you lost your favorite toy. After 3 days your aunt gives you a toy better than what you lost. Losing something or failing at something isn’t the end of everything. When I was in high school I loved someone rather more that what is due or was it just a teenage love affair?, nonetheless it was something you cherished, but one day that girl suddenly broke up with you. And maaann it felt like crap..but here’s the funny part the next day..I got into the football varsity..I don’t know if fate was messing with me with a consolation prize or something but I realized It was something that needed to happen.

            Life isn’t a bitch that you think it is. (well maybe it is.)  It teaches you how to handle things in the future by making you make mistakes at your first try. As the quote say ” nobody gets it right the first time”, in life you must do the following in order …Ready…FIRE!!..AIM!!..Yes  its like that..I didn’t make a mistake in the order..Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself into something then gain order within the chaos. It’s like jumping into something that looks difficult but doable. Each one of us share a different view over things, as life has a different method of teaching us how to live in this world. Things really happen for a reason. Each moment you fall there is a reason , each moment you rise..there is a reason..It may be a reason beyond human comprehension, the point is there is a reason. Life is short don’t linger on what has happen, instead stand up, pick up your sword and move forward to a brighter future. The battle isn’t over until you give-up…

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