>In the midst of failure I am engulfed with dark thoughts. I couldn’t help but space out and think about what will come to me in the end. Will I rise up and point and shoot the mistakes I made or just give up all together in utter vain? I couldn’t possibly concentrate in doing things I have to do with this on my mind. It bothers me, It torments me. I don’t really feel enthusiasm in it. Last night I was at my top condition to finishing the PROGLANG project AST, but sadly my mom cut the power of our house because of the kids at the house who just won’t listen. In result I was in the middle of a trial and error part where I cut part of the code into an unsaved text editor and POOF goes the dragon I lost 80% of my work. I got so exhausted last night that I couldn’t work right. I decided to sleep. In my sleep I’m still bothered by the idea of not being able to finish it. but now well I am not really going to finish it because currently my classmates for this class are presenting their work even if it’s not fully finished.I on the other hand is sulking right now because I can’t have a chance of passing this class even thought I asked our professor if i could get a little extension well I don’t know it he will approve to that attention he just said that I should just wait till the others present. I don’t know how to do this and I’m doomed. Failing like this makes me hate myself. I want to get away from all of this . I am in despair, I retreat into my own little world and stay there until I absorbed every bit of the failure part would sink in. I don’t really want to talk to anybody right now..My sad world  is dawning into me again . melancholic nights. FAILURE. is the word that swirls into my head right now.. like a chanting imp tormenting me and rubbing it it..discouraging me in every possible way . eating every light that has come to me. I am in despair… Oh what should I do? I need a hard drink right now. But I think it isn’t possible I have exam tomorrow…:(