Lies of the world

Each year that passes by makes me realize that we really can’t stop the constant flux of change.. A life that is full of irony. Each heart beat resounds everywhere. For each loss you gain and for each gain you have a loss.
Life as we behold it is an overwhelming thing.

Have you ever thought even once in your life that the world is full of lies? Sometimes we lie to protect someone. Others lie to hurt someone. We lie to get ourselves out of a very uncomfortable situations. We lie to make ourselves look good in the eyes of the people around us who doesn’t even genuinely Care about us. But at times lies create hope for some. A fragile hope. In the society today lies are necessary to survive..or so that what most people believe. We live in a world full of professionally crafted lies. When a shed of light of the truth appears people avoid it. For lies makes their life a bit less harsh and full of hope. I am not here to sing to you the suicide symphony. The truth has always been there we just avert eyes from it. Oblivious of its presence and most of the time. intentionally . Once I heard someone utter “the truth will set you free.”. But the author of that quote didn’t really explain from what will you be free from… At times, when we lie we feel bad to lie to others..but the truth is we feel bad to lie to ourselves.



There are some activities and practices that is only in the Philippines. As of the Lenten season, there extreme practices such as the reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ or they call it the senakulo. In some areas they literally get crucified as the sign of their own penance for the lent. And some do it in form of singing the story of the passion…

The “pabasa” as they call it. The whole singing of the passion of Christ is to express their devotion to the son of man.

>Adventure with Acia


Today wasn’t really the best day you could have as a me. This morning I had a bit of trouble waking up, I set my alarm at 8:30 but I went out of bed around 10. I called Acia to check if she was already awake but as expected she wasn’t . So I told her we meet in 2 hours. Really it wasn’t just 2 hours but well. As I was getting ready I packed our kids Acden and the other bird that resembles a penguin but it isn’t its actually a pokemon. oh well it is still a bird anyway.heheh.. not as I was about to go I asked mom for some money for our little adventure. Take note mom isn’t really in a pleasant mood that time.. and she said to me. ” your father never asked money from her mom to date me”.. and then it struck me…ouuchh.hahahah and then I realize she was right I shouldn’t be asking my mom for our date. I just have to cut the habit of asking things from my mom. And AGAIN I realized..I’m turning 22 in a few months…I’m pathetic…oh well she gave me money anyway..and off I go …
I walked up to 711 and tried to make a choice of heading to Magallanes or to Megamall but my mind was quick to decide because she won’t be coming for another 2 hours. So I decided to get to Megamall and yes I made the usual routine…but it felt different when I got to the painting exhibit. The paintings and sculptures were amazing…as it touches my heart and souls emotion in those paintings are well interpreted. after that I went to the arcade the usual time crisis.. I played same game but something was a bit obstructing my view and It hurt a bit. so I didn’t finish the game because I got Irritated with my eyes teary. it a bit embarrassing I looked like one who has been taking drugs or one who hadn’t slept for a few days. and then I decided to head to Magallanes. as I arrived she did too…for the first time she spotted me before I did..maybe because of the eye irritation. as she we came to each other I hugged her tightly and kissed her soft cheeks..I felt warm inside every time I hold her. She’s like the spark that ignites me as I shoot into the sky and shout to the world how much I love her.
We rode another train to U.N. Ave. and walk a little to Luneta..yes LUNETA..hahhha I don’t know why some couples don’t like it there its a pretty nice place. As we entered I first laid eyes on the Philippine Map Relief that was currently under construction. She didn’t think it was the Philippine Map because we were look at it from the side. She told me they use to play there when they were kids. Oh I forgot to mention I took a stolen picture of her and she was grabbing my cellphone from me and poof my cellphone fled to the grass and the casing came off. but well at least its still functioning. No off to the first trip. The Japanese garden. Ok lets not talk about that place its crap…you pay 5 pesos for nothing but barren and defiled landscape. Next was The Chinese garden well at least this garden has something to offer..:P After a few snapshots we went to the Rizal Monument. on the way we saw a cat on the grass so she posed pointing at the was a great shot..:P.. It was great day for me though it was short for some reason.:D…anyway that enough for today..:P and heres the snap shot