Lies of the world

Each year that passes by makes me realize that we really can’t stop the constant flux of change.. A life that is full of irony. Each heart beat resounds everywhere. For each loss you gain and for each gain you have a loss.
Life as we behold it is an overwhelming thing.

Have you ever thought even once in your life that the world is full of lies? Sometimes we lie to protect someone. Others lie to hurt someone. We lie to get ourselves out of a very uncomfortable situations. We lie to make ourselves look good in the eyes of the people around us who doesn’t even genuinely Care about us. But at times lies create hope for some. A fragile hope. In the society today lies are necessary to survive..or so that what most people believe. We live in a world full of professionally crafted lies. When a shed of light of the truth appears people avoid it. For lies makes their life a bit less harsh and full of hope. I am not here to sing to you the suicide symphony. The truth has always been there we just avert eyes from it. Oblivious of its presence and most of the time. intentionally . Once I heard someone utter “the truth will set you free.”. But the author of that quote didn’t really explain from what will you be free from… At times, when we lie we feel bad to lie to others..but the truth is we feel bad to lie to ourselves.


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