a spark of hope in the darkness

A spark of hope can ignite a rocket of dreams, a shed of light can brighten the darkness. Life is full of struggles that puts us down and leaves us in the darkness of despair. When we fall we are engulfed with doubts. We can’t even have confidence in ourselves during these times. But it is also innate in us to fight even with just a glimmer of hope left, even if voices tell us that its futile to push forward and take one more shot.

This is an interesting trait of every human being. It is innate but it can also be dormant. We have that inside but we are also blessed Or cursed with “choice. We have a choice to hold on to that minute piece of light, we also have a choice of letting it go and just go with flow and be content on where we drift to. Ironically most of us choose the latter part. Its like having a feature packed phone and just use 1% of its features. We humans are gifted with capabilities and skills that that is second only to God almighty. We just need to pick up these tools and start doing something . It doesn’t really matter if its small or big.


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