next in line breadwinner

Ever felt that you want to stay in eternal slumber so that you don’t have to face the reality that you must carry as you open your eyes? Burden that was passed on to you because siblings before you escaped that responsibility.

Pressured to do everything at your finest. Failure is not an option. Then I realize in the real world , it is what is expected of you. They won’t acknowledge your significant good work , instead your tiniest mistake is like a black speck in white paper. An intriguing view of people. You are expected to be a perfect person so that their reputation as parents and individuals will not be tarnished by their incompetent offspring. You are not think about happy-go-lucky thoughts by now. Shouldn’t be playing games but instead focus on graduating and finding a Job that will provide more than what you’re elder siblings . Finance the tuition of your younger sibling. Provide them What your father failed to provide in the past years. Frankly speaking I didn’t enjoy my highschool and college. At a young age I was told that I was the next breadwinner for the family. The last hope. What an absurd thing to tell a child. There is a raging battle inside of me. To enjoy life as it should be or to work and think of ways to provide for your parents and other older siblings. I am in a state of confusion and distress. I could never be like my parents . They keep on ranting that when they were my age they could balance everything. They could do anything in the finest sense. I am not perfect.

to be continued


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