The smoke in the air



When I was a kid I despise the smell the pr essence of smoke of cigarettes. I remember even drawing a picture of a ghost buster logo, but instead of a ghost a lit cigarette is in its place. I showed it to my Papa after I draw a series of drawings of it. He just looked at it. I never expected in the near future I would be a smoker myself.

“I am a smoker for 3 years”

It all started when we had a competition at school.. We didn’t sleep right for 3 days. Coffee was only effective for the first night , then comes the second night where coffee is just like water and it didn’t have any effect on the my drowsiness. My team mates was smoking. I suddenly made my choice. I smoked. At first It was awkward. But as I inhaled the smoke and let it out. Puff! My drowsiness left me and my mind alert. Hyper even. Since then I started to experimented on Lots of different variants of cigarettes. Menthol, red, super cool menthol, even Capri which is a lady’s smoke. My favorite of all ofcourse is dunhill frost. Dunhill is like ice cream in smoke form. Yes I know its freakin’ expensive. Well my vice continues….I never really thought that I would be one of the people who I don’t like before…smokers.. I will follow this path until I may learn something from this. No one could ever let me quit.. Because I know only myself can make me quit…this is it for now ..ill update if things come to a certain turn….

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