workplace setting

The end of my OJT is fast approaching. I learned a lot of things even just for a short time. You’ll be surprised that a company isn’t defined by advanced equipments alone. Well it definitely surprised me and made me realize a lot of things about the workplace.

It’s really amusing to know that a company isn’t just defined by the advanced equipments alone, but rather the people behind those radio static and deafening engines. People are the most precious resource and the root of most of the aspirin popping action. The diverse personalities and methods are surprisingly well coordinated than expected. When they work comfortably they give their 100% plus more. Mainly in my stay at Panay Power Corporation, I learned more about people and how they do their work in amusing manners. The interaction between colleagues aren’t just professional, but rather family oriented. Each department or individual is dependent on another. You don’t have to be too serious of your work or you’ll end up going crazy.