between me and my coffee

A day in iloilo roaming around searching for something interesting. My first target is coffee break valleria, in the past I have been to this coffee shop. The service was good and they have mugs that are for dine-in customers. I love coffee in cups it makes you welcome and at home.

As I ordered coffee the manager was all smiles. I thought this is the kind of coffee shop I want to be in. ..I made my order and made it outside and find myself a spot. I waited for the coffee and my blueberry cheese cake . And when the coffee finally came the smile on my face was wiped with a speed of 200km/hr. Presentation was Awful.. I didn’t see my leaf theme design on my COFFEE .. I asked the waiter why was it like this.. And he said it varies on the way they make it…I was about to complain back to the manager , when he went out to give me ky change. I complained.. He said if I would like to replace it.. I already poured sugar on the disappointing coffee..but he insisted on replacing it..I accepted the offer and…

Me coffee looks great!..the smile when back and I feel relaxed… So guys if you went to coffee shops or any food establishment don’t settle for less! It’s not only for you but also for the establishment too, it will help them understand that they have to do their best for customers..

Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!


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