A Man Inlove Will Do Anything for His Woman

I never thought I’d be crazy for a girl like I am today. Sometimes I overdo it. I just couldn’t stop myself from doing everything I can to make her happy. I don’t care of they call me corny or anything like that, things may be scary at first when you do stuff that you don’t usually do. It sure scared the hell out me. But in the end I realized I’m doing this because I love her with that I am. She is my inspiration, the love of my life, the fuel that keeps my fire burning.. I couldn’t really pin pinpoint until now why I love her and why I chose her over a hundred¬†girls that are closer to me than her. She may not be perfect in every way but I can say she’s fits perfectly in my life. We may be opposite in the things we look at things, do things and accept things, despite all that we also have something in common…. Out love for each other…I’d do anything for her to be happy..just recently I delivered her printed documents in the middle of the night knowing I won’t get sleep. It’s fine because I get to see her, hug her and kiss her. It’s more rewarding than sleeping it and regret that I would’ve gone to her even if it will cost me hours of my sleep. I may be tried later in the day but I’m satisfied.


Weird it may sound I’m growing fond of having her by my side.. Being close to her.. Having to see her more often than before. In more or less 2 months ill be going back¬†to Iloilo and continue my OJT and won’t be seeing her for a month or so. That idea makes me sad than before. I am used to the feeling of having her near near..where I can just travel for 2 hours in a bus and see her. But in this case I can’t because ill have to travel via plane. And plane tickets are not cheap and it is not practical to travel very often I know she understands that but thinking of it makes me miss her more and more. I want to create more memorable memories with her…


for now I just have to do my best and prove to myself and to everyone that matters to us, that we can endure and grow together..as lovers,best friends ,partners ,and faithful to each other until the end. .