Film and books

Books and film.A tandem that both have the same goal in mind. To capture dreams. Dreams that are made from the world around us. Filling us with hope and enchantments. Books are the first to capture the dreams and message the author wanted the world to know, and film made it come alive. We sée these moving pictures in the interpretation of the director of what the writer dreams about. Adventure, magic, exploration and truths are seen from the perspective of the director.

On the other hand books can be experienced in the perspective and insights of the reader. The feel of the paper flipping from page to page as the excitement grows. Undoubtedly priceless. The reader can be the protagonist in the story or the actor in the film as he will see through the eyes of the lead role as well as the other colorful and dark characters.

Books and film are not rivals but rather a tandem in capturing dreams of authors and the readers or viewers. Dreams are what makes us human. We go against all odds to reach our dreams. In fulfilling our dreams we also fulfill the dreams of people around us.