Working on Graveyard Shift

At long last I am now a working person, one that pays taxes, earns to help the family, saves for the future, has the luxury of spending from my own earnings. Yes a delightful feeling. But here’s something interesting I work graveyard shift.

Firstly, I want to make clear I am neither a CSR nor a TSR(just pointing that out no offense or anything). I work for a company that is in the post-trade business as a Data Warehouse Analyst. Well sort of FTP DW analyst. It’s interesting to work in the late hours of the evening through the wee hours of the morning.

I travel from home to the office through public transportation. A series of rides from a tricycle to the train and a jeepney. Some people see it as “kaartehan” to ride the train for 1 station away, but hear me out I am in a corporate attire( think barney from BBT…kidding!), I mostly wear a corporate attire tk the office which means slacks and long sleeves. Imagine if I walk to the next station which is approx 400 meters to the jeepney stop. Perspiration action! It’s like you just got another bath but this time in your own sweat. Now next the jeepney ride, so basically most of the people are returning from work and I’m just about to, the biggest adversity i face when riding the jeepney to work is: BO and my own sweat. As what you would expect from a jeepney jam-packed with people, at times when its your unlucky day you sit beside a gentleman who just came from his job and smells like vinegar and 1 month old socks fermented and blended as his perfume( exquisitely exotic!). Well things can be worst.

Body Clock
As I write this article , I am struggling to get some sleep as the sun has already risen and dispelled the sandman’s magic. This something you cannot really control if you do not have the proper conditions and practice. I use to think this was just like college where I sleep in the early hours of the morning and jump to school when it’s time, guess what:I was WRONG. It’s not that simple if you are to be asleep during the day and awake at night, well being awake a night I can handle. Being asleep during the day poses a bigger issue, you have to deal with the light of the sun, the heat , the noise which my neighbors keep on making during the day and your sleep rhythm. I am working on this article in the hopes to seduce sleep but to no avail. When the you see sunlight your brain is programmed to switch on certain conditions and turn off certain conditions. A very concrete example is me, writing this article because I saw the sun on my way home. I have a hard time sleeping. I do not know if i should ask a doctor about sleeping pills but maybe not. I read some articles about working on night shift. I did follow some tips and I found out first hand that seeing sunlight is one of the biggest factors. And bonus is food the timing of eating your food also affects your body clock.

As a student my peak time is from 10 in the evening towards 3 am. It came very handy at work as its the peak time to be. I work faster during the duration of my peak time. And I notice i am in an environment where people are light hearted and smiles and laughs. Which adds up to the thing that makes you work more comfortably. Here’s another interesting fact: i am alone in the aisle of my cubicle, yes i am one loner kid. And one of my officemates told me that my manager specifically did that on purpose( i don’t know if its a joke or seriously?!) . Well it has its advantages no distractions, but at the same time no conversations.

Thats it for now, if you have suggestions or rants feel free to violate the comments!




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