Engraced with the Seal

I am a Bosconian, I feel proud and good everytime I proclaim that, I was first made a bosconian when I was in my first year of High school. It was the first time, I attended a all-boys school, no pretty flowers to fly around at. It was a culture shock to me because I am unfamiliar of how they interact with each other(especially I hailed from the City of Love). Nonetheless, I gained friends, friends whom I felt I would keep for all of my life. One day when I was exploring around the school, I felt the presence of the Holy Mother, as if cradling me in Her arms. It was a weird feeling but also a soothing one. I found myself in front of the chapel. I decided to walk in silence and genuflect at the altar and beheld the image of the holy mother as I turned to pray among the pews. From this day I have been bestowed the seal.

Carrying the Seal

Eventually, I had to transfer schools, I went to 2 different schools until I finished Highschool. To myself, I still felt I was a Bosconian, I never knew why exactly. As I entered College I went to a Baptist University in my home town. It was a wonderful experience for me along with the freedom I never really had back when I was in Manila. I still carry values that follow the a Bosconian. I lived by the great phrases: run,jump, shout but do not sin, and do your ordinary work, extraordinarily
with gentleness and prudence.

The Calling from the Seal

However, I was feeling that something is missing . One day my mother asked me if I wanted to go back to Manila, in weighing the benefits, my money was in staying, but I felt a certain calling to go back to Manila , go back to where my heart called me to, Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong and the Holy Mother

The Growth and living by the Seal

I have journeyed into my chosen path as a Computer Engineer in DBTC, I had an enlightenment that, Don Bosco doesn’t just teach us about the academic aspects, but more importantly the Values that Don Bosco endowed to his Pupils. As a legacy it is passed on to us.

Up until today, I still and will always try to live by my Seal and proudly say “I am a Bosconian.

This is my story,my journey,my Seal


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