I Got a Bike! I call her Midnight.

As a kid most of us has been taught(or forced to) to ride a bike. Most of us had scrapped knees, elbows or sometimes the head for some reason.image

I’m going to list a few things I learned riding my bike as an adult.

  • Once you learned how to ride a bike. it will be second nature to ride it in your adulthood(well unless you got crippled or never really took off those trainers)
  • Balance is Important.  Balance is practically the first skill you must have to ride a bike, but with enough balancing skill you can ride one-handed, no-handed(fun, you can gloat too..watch out for the  tree though).
  • Always Bring WATER.  Rehydrating yourself is very important, you don’t want to burn out in the middle of the ride. Also its a good idea to drink water in small amounts over time. if you’re not thirsty it doesn’t mean your body won’t need it after a few kilometers.
  • Bring food/Money for food.  When going on a long ride, always bring snacks that will keep you fueled on the road to avoid pigging out at the end of the ride(or else say hello to the extra kilos is a while and yeah exhaustion )
  • Wear GLOVES.   At first it may be a great idea to not wear those gloves, but trust me you want them if you want your hands to be usable.(Think Blisters, oh blisters!)
  • Wear Helmet .  Well common sense, unless you want a cracked skull.
  • Check your bike before setting out. A quick check up to see if your bike is running smoothly and safely is worth it. There was a time I almost lost control of my bike because my cogs where broken (due to my negligence i admit)
  • Love Your BIKE.  A well maintained bike is a reliable bike, you don’t want to wear your drivetrain faster than it should just because you don’t maintain it.(love your bike like you love that little pet you have 😉 )
  • YOU WILL HAVE TAN LINES. Be prepared to have tan lines, especially if you’re going on long rides.(though it sort of your initiation rites tattoo.)
  • Use the right GEAR. Always use the right gear whether its climbing a very steep climb, starting again after a traffic light stop, or just speeding in the sweet smooth pavement. This will help you keep your legs and your drivetrain longer.( And yes again I tried using the hardest gear climbing up,,why? because….well because..)
  • Bring a friend along makes the ride smoother.  Bringing a friend along makes the ride easier and fun (I remember us singing Bohemian Rhapsody while catching our breaths ..:D )
  •  Exploring new Routes can be exciting.  I have currently 5 different routes going to the office and back. exploring new routes also makes you discover new places you can hang out. Also avoiding Traffic if the  usual routes are congested.(YES you still have to deal with the traffic even on a bike)
  • Observer Traffic Rules. If you like screaming “YOLO!” be my guest, cross the intersection with speeding cars running across.(I did attempt this before, I got yelled at, scratched my bike and almost hurt myself badly) Seriously, wait for the freaking lights to go green then go.
  • Bicycle bells Don’t mean anything to pedestrians.(well in my country it doesn’t).  I only get mean looks or get screamed at when i tried using it and I bumped them a bit when they didn’t hear my bike bell.
  • CARS ARE BIGGER SO DON’T RISK IT.  Apparently Cars are bigger and heavier, so don’t try to tackle them, you’ll just make a fool of yourself and maybe meeting your creator earlier than expected.

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