I’m Married!

I’m Married!


     This post is for people who are in the stage in their lives where they wonder: What is it like to be married? or Is being married like having a boyfriend/girlfriend? or rather is married life for me?
     Alas! I am now a married man! At the age of 26, I got married to my lovely wife Engrace ( yes that’s a lovely and unique name :)) last year May 15th ,2015 . A civil wedding was held in the little provincial courthouse in Los  Banos, Laguna. I know, i know why not a church wedding? well funny thing is, that is the original plan. but we agreed that her side of the family will have the civil wedding, and my side of the wedding will be the church wedding which will be in a later date. 
     That aside,  Married life isn’t one would expect….that would be the thing i would say if i haven’t anticipated it since i was in the 6th grade( yes a bit girly for a guy to think like that.). Back then I use to dream of what kind of girl I’m going to end up with, while looking at the sunset at Fort San Pedro Drive-in. Cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth. I learned early in life that im bound to be married, not because I’ll have a child early, but simply because I believe that I’ll need someone who will join the pains and joy in the journey we call life.

     Now,  this is just the start of our journey.I hope to learn about life with her and indulge in the amusments and trials life has to offer. To you who is marriend and getting married. Godspeed.


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