Baking is Life Plan and Cooking is a Life Guide

Originally, I planned to write this article with life guide is better than life plan, but eventually I realized that it doesn’t work that way. There are different perspective people see the world in, different lenses that most of the time we cannot fully understand or just do not have the opportunity or will to see it. Now let me show you my thoughts about these two terms.


A lot of people would describe baking as a science, as it must be the right amount of ingredients and the right procedure  and right temperatures. More like having a controlled environment to prove something inside the lab. We all have plans, and more often plans doesn’t go smoothly as we desired it to be(like having to exercise every morning :P) .

“Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things,”

We populate the list like crazy and not think of the effect of things we just added and the things we originally had on a list, like  adding dark chocolate to a rich cheese cake(yes I tried this, it taste a bit off :P).  Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things, every condition must be fulfilled to get the result you want. Usually these are for people who are very Strict and ruthless to get what they want. People who have very firm grip on what they want and will do anything to reach it. Think of it as a lab experiment to reproduce a result that a lot of people already has done.The upside for a life plan is when you do things right you get the prize!( I personally find this a bit of too good to be true.:P)

Cooking is like a Life Guide
20130725-112434.jpgI presume that you guys cook(if not why not start? I promise to eat the first attempt:D). My mom is a food caterer so I get to be the food taster!(yey for me!) , I noticed when my mom is very Happy, expect a meal fit for the king of kings! On the contrary, when she’s in a foul mood, expect something saturated(seriously!). Then I thought of the line ” love is the ultimate ingredient in food” , I figured the complexity of cooking makes it all mysterious in a way. Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow,

“Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow, but rather its more of creating your own process for achieving something YOU own. “

but rather its more of creating your own process to achieving something YOU own.   Yes I must admit this process is something that will likely get you to commit more errors than having a life plan, but the upside for this one is you don’t need to restrain yourself when getting what you want, you just put little adjustments to point you the right direction .

In the end of the day, nobody really decides which one will you follow, will you be a Baker or a Cook? Nobody can really say this but YOU. I Just aim to give my insights on the matter and let you think for a while are you cooking something or baking something?.


Northpark noodles shitty service

Its a Monday evening my family decided to eat out because we didn’t really had the chance to have a family Donner bonding due to the Christmas party we threw for our barangay.

So we went to find chinese restaurants in search for “maki soup”.. And then we gave up and ate at North Park. At first it was nice..until they set up the plates and utensils. It was the first time in a restaurant that the plate was hand over me instead of placing it on my side of the table. I was disappointed. I let it go. And then we ate. First on the menu was SIOMAI my favorite . As I bit into the heaven given dish. The rainbow vanished and thunderstorms went into my background. It was hard!!!!it was an old stock siomai!!! I was about tp complain but my sister told me tp calm down..later after a few moments my mother said the chicken..chicken had a foul sister seconded. And here we go! I called the waitress and she did look at me and she just went to the other direction. My brow was raising and my face was showing my side that wants to call the manager. But I gave the floor to my mother and sisters..they know how to handle this kinds of situation waaayyy better than me.

So they did..and when they did they complained about the chicken specifically. Because out family is in the line of business of chicken barbecue. My mom pointed out that the chicken was old and stocked a long time and the siomai again siiooomaaii! Was very … The supervisor tended to us..but she reasoned the smell was from the sauce. Mu mother and sisters don’t want to compromise with the idea. And my sister said “papuntahin m dito chef nyu at makausapin ko tungkol dito”. The supervisor apologized and went for a fresh batch and we just asked for the bill. My other sister asked for a feedback form but to no Avail did that waiter give us anything. It was the worst customer service I had ever experienced for a restaurant with plenty branches. I can say the manager isn’t keen about his people. They don’t even smile or even just put an effort into it.

Now people this is one of the things I want you to remember when you see something wrong about the actions or the food of the food establishment you are eating do not ignore it. You are not only saving yourself but also the people who will eat there too and the establishment itself for it will make them thrive for better service for their customers. It takes 5 minutes to lose customers but it takes months to gain 1..

Happy new year and hope you don’t get to eat at places like that

And oh it was northpark san Juan I’m refering to.

between me and my coffee

A day in iloilo roaming around searching for something interesting. My first target is coffee break valleria, in the past I have been to this coffee shop. The service was good and they have mugs that are for dine-in customers. I love coffee in cups it makes you welcome and at home.

As I ordered coffee the manager was all smiles. I thought this is the kind of coffee shop I want to be in. ..I made my order and made it outside and find myself a spot. I waited for the coffee and my blueberry cheese cake . And when the coffee finally came the smile on my face was wiped with a speed of 200km/hr. Presentation was Awful.. I didn’t see my leaf theme design on my COFFEE .. I asked the waiter why was it like this.. And he said it varies on the way they make it…I was about to complain back to the manager , when he went out to give me ky change. I complained.. He said if I would like to replace it.. I already poured sugar on the disappointing coffee..but he insisted on replacing it..I accepted the offer and…

Me coffee looks great!..the smile when back and I feel relaxed… So guys if you went to coffee shops or any food establishment don’t settle for less! It’s not only for you but also for the establishment too, it will help them understand that they have to do their best for customers..

Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!