Learning to Play the Violin

Now you may say that learning the violin is too late for me, you may be right but I don’t plan to play in a grand orchestra or something but simply really want to play it.

Objective one: Persuade my lovely wife to allow me to purchase a violin.

Yes, married life has protocols stricter than the bureaucratic corporations. I had to convince her that I really want to play it. I had to do all sorts of maneuvering in book and some dash of puppy eyes and sprinkle of absolute charm ( I mean begging like a little kid). Eventually she said YES!( This is the third time I’m jubilant because of the word.haha)

Objective Two: Teacher or Self-taught

Beforehand i have already researched the ways I can learn to play my options are:

  • Pay for a teacher
  • Ask a friend to teach me
  • Buy a book and self-study
  • Learn online via youtube

For financial reasons and just because I’m a bit of a practical person now( thanks to my oh so beautiful wife). I opted to learn online via youtube. For people who cringe with the idea of being self-taught please send me money to pay for a teacher hahah.

Objective three: Actually learning the violin.

I found a popular and great tutorial on youtube The Online Piano and Violin Tutor. She offers free lessons for beginners. She teaches violin and the piano and has an enticing british accent( who doesn’t like the british accent?). I’m slowly learning through her lessons and in my opinion its concise and not intimidating the way she puts it. Please subscribe and like her videos its one way to say thanks to a God-sent that shares her gift to people passionately.

Now there are 2 major reasons why I want really want to play the violin in the most decent way possible for me.

  1. To serenade my beloved wife with a piece that I hope will express my love and passion for her and always keep my vow to her.
  2. To eventually play a lullaby to our child to be.

Right now I can honestly say I suck at it. And that doesn’t bother me, it only means that I still have ways to go to learn to play it decently.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a piece with you guys when I get better.