I’m Married!

I’m Married!


     This post is for people who are in the stage in their lives where they wonder: What is it like to be married? or Is being married like having a boyfriend/girlfriend? or rather is married life for me?
     Alas! I am now a married man! At the age of 26, I got married to my lovely wife Engrace ( yes that’s a lovely and unique name :)) last year May 15th ,2015 . A civil wedding was held in the little provincial courthouse in Los  Banos, Laguna. I know, i know why not a church wedding? well funny thing is, that is the original plan. but we agreed that her side of the family will have the civil wedding, and my side of the wedding will be the church wedding which will be in a later date. 
     That aside,  Married life isn’t one would expect….that would be the thing i would say if i haven’t anticipated it since i was in the 6th grade( yes a bit girly for a guy to think like that.). Back then I use to dream of what kind of girl I’m going to end up with, while looking at the sunset at Fort San Pedro Drive-in. Cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth. I learned early in life that im bound to be married, not because I’ll have a child early, but simply because I believe that I’ll need someone who will join the pains and joy in the journey we call life.

     Now,  this is just the start of our journey.I hope to learn about life with her and indulge in the amusments and trials life has to offer. To you who is marriend and getting married. Godspeed.


A Man Inlove Will Do Anything for His Woman

I never thought I’d be crazy for a girl like I am today. Sometimes I overdo it. I just couldn’t stop myself from doing everything I can to make her happy. I don’t care of they call me corny or anything like that, things may be scary at first when you do stuff that you don’t usually do. It sure scared the hell out me. But in the end I realized I’m doing this because I love her with that I am. She is my inspiration, the love of my life, the fuel that keeps my fire burning.. I couldn’t really pin pinpoint until now why I love her and why I chose her over a hundred girls that are closer to me than her. She may not be perfect in every way but I can say she’s fits perfectly in my life. We may be opposite in the things we look at things, do things and accept things, despite all that we also have something in common…. Out love for each other…I’d do anything for her to be happy..just recently I delivered her printed documents in the middle of the night knowing I won’t get sleep. It’s fine because I get to see her, hug her and kiss her. It’s more rewarding than sleeping it and regret that I would’ve gone to her even if it will cost me hours of my sleep. I may be tried later in the day but I’m satisfied.


Weird it may sound I’m growing fond of having her by my side.. Being close to her.. Having to see her more often than before. In more or less 2 months ill be going back to Iloilo and continue my OJT and won’t be seeing her for a month or so. That idea makes me sad than before. I am used to the feeling of having her near near..where I can just travel for 2 hours in a bus and see her. But in this case I can’t because ill have to travel via plane. And plane tickets are not cheap and it is not practical to travel very often I know she understands that but thinking of it makes me miss her more and more. I want to create more memorable memories with her…


for now I just have to do my best and prove to myself and to everyone that matters to us, that we can endure and grow together..as lovers,best friends ,partners ,and faithful to each other until the end. .


Dencio our son and QC Circle escapade

Ok lets make things clear first..Dencio is a Dog :D. A supercilious uber to the max cute Doggie. And now I didn’t do anything to my pet dogs to get Dencio.:D…now lets proceed.

   It was a hot morning and I was again excited to see her again. She’s coming to here to Manila with Ate Lhen. It was early so I went to Seth’s house for a while, we would be going together to Cubao because he asked Acia to buy him buko pie from Los Baños . And their pet doggie, Basil, doesn’t still recognize me and keeps on barking on me. Maybe he’s not use to strangers who are handsome with glasses(Kidding drop the handsome part..hehhe) . and well Seth also wants to take a picture of us because he saw one of my laptops’ wallpaper a good picture but a bit blurry. So he wanted to take a picture with his DSLR(you racist photgs! again kidding.:D)  and well we do make a good pair.:D..ok im smiling while typing that it’s a weird but delightful feeling.


We went on to fetch Dencio from Bagong barrio Ministop(thats what the dog breeder told me) at the bus we were excited to see Dencio. As we arrived the doog owner wasn’t there yet so we went into Mini Stop and bought water for the 3 of us. As the Dog breeder came with a red Box with a text “YES!” in it. My feeling was mutual..YES! Dencio is here!. and we went outside to get him(the dog) after which we went to Philcoa and Dencio was a bit too attached to ate Lhen and me.. but Acia was well a bit disappointed because Dencio wouldn’t Come to her..and in the middle of the trip decio peed on my polo..oh well.. but surprisingly the his leak wasn’t nasty. it was scentless.


We arrived at Ate Lhen’s friend’s house . We ate there (YEY free lunch!). and we ate and Dencio was asleep that time and I fed him chicken..He was fast asleep but when I put a strip of chicken upon his nose he starts to sniff and bite..haha everntually he woke up.and he ate..and ate and ate..then we went outside to let him do his deed..and he did several times even.:D


Acia and me decided to go to QC circle for a stroll. We went there the sun was smiling…and we were amused by the place. Its a park. a typical one that has lovers all over.( that includes us..hehehhe) we went to a stone table and chair and placed Dencio there and at first he was sleeping then after a while he was being playful. He played with the cap of the water bottle.he’s really cute.


It was getting Dark and ate Lhen was texting us where we were. So we went to where was ate lhen supposedly. and as we reached our destination the rain started to pour..like raining cats and dogs with a touch of thunder and lightning. And we were at the wrong spot..it was on the other side of where ate lhen was. oh I forgot to mention Dencio was playing near the fountain before it rained. ..heheh and well there we were waiting for the rain to stop but it wasn’t stopping at all..so we decided to go back to the circle again via the underpass. so we did ..She took off her shoes.and asked me ” ok lng ba tanggalin ko sapatos ko? ginagwa ba ng iba to?” I nodded although I was unsure..(peace acia!:P) and we reached the other side and as we stepped into the part the water was 3 inches from my ankle. it was flooding their.wew. So we still went on she still barefooted. and Dencio in her arms..We look like a family..hahahah..the journey went on until we reached the fountain again and I bought her slippers..violet slippers..:Dhahahah… Dencio was well a bit frisky .,,,,,we decided to come back there together without dencio the place was great..:P


and oh here’s Dencio’s video playing at the fountain area


and here are some pcitures.:D

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Most Memorable Birthday with Acia

Every year since my childhood I celebrate my birthday with tons of friends and people I hardly know. This year is a different and special than all of it.( As far as my conscious self can remember..:D) I was with my beloved Acia. You know that girl from Los Baños, beautiful eyes, lovely lips, irresistible smile the works!:D..oh by the way my birthday was last Friday September 2, 2011(in case you don’t know)

I went to class in the morning. It was really a very lazy day for me. I don’t want to go to class because I want to be somewhere else.  but well I did attend my last 2 classes. after that I begun my journey towards my  queen. In my carriage(the H.M liner bus) I was deciding whether to surprise her by going straight to U.P. rather than waiting for her in SM. Calamba. As the conductor walked towards me I instantly decided to go straight to U.P.  . As I started the journey I was thinking of ways  of surprising her.. anxious , excited and longing to hug her and kiss her..


I arrived at Los Baños and find myself rushing and brisk walking to the jeepney. The trip was shorter that I remembered it. as I arrived at the gates of U.P. I rushed and rushed to their building. I saw Angie on the way and Magie and friends but M and friends didn’t really notice me.( I was surprised how short maggie was I thought he was taller than I am) then i waited anxious and excited and called her around 20 times she didn’t answered I was afraid that she already went to Calamba . and in the nick of time she noticed my call before they got on the jeepney. She was with Lyn. She was already outside the gates and I didn’t see them because I went in U.P. when they were going out.(WEW that was close I thought I would be like some weird guy there waiting for nothing..hehhe).. And we rode the jeepney. off to go to calamba while Lyn went down the jeep not Far from U.P.  . When were finally alone I can’t help myself  but embrace her and kiss her and kiss her and kiss her and savor her unique scent. my beloved Acia’s Scent…


It was 8:50 pm and we still hadn’t had our dinner. When we arrived at Shakeys I was READY to devour a mountain. We chose Shakey’s because I have a free pepperoni pizza on my birthday.(the card is worth it!) . We. ordered a  solo Meatball pasta, root beer float, iced tea and a sundae. i ate the pasta, but i ate only half because it looks that she also wants to taste the meatball..While we were in the middle of the meal She gave me the USB stick where the video she made for me was. I watched the video..and wew..I was so happy…no one has ever made a video for me before.:).. It was a sweet moment.. but not as sweet as she brought out  the letter! you hear me? THE LETTER! I adore letters!..and as I read it I felt something in my heard…It touched me..pure honesty..I love my Acia so much..and wait there’s more! She brought out a gift wrapped rectangular thingy., and I opened it and..it was a picture frame. with our best shots..:) Thank God I have her..:) I love you so much my beloved Acia…I pray that we will be the ones that will stand in the altar until the day we watch the sunset together with our white hairs.:)


here’s the video


and  some delightful pictures..D:

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>Adventure with Acia


Today wasn’t really the best day you could have as a me. This morning I had a bit of trouble waking up, I set my alarm at 8:30 but I went out of bed around 10. I called Acia to check if she was already awake but as expected she wasn’t . So I told her we meet in 2 hours. Really it wasn’t just 2 hours but well. As I was getting ready I packed our kids Acden and the other bird that resembles a penguin but it isn’t its actually a pokemon. oh well it is still a bird anyway.heheh.. not as I was about to go I asked mom for some money for our little adventure. Take note mom isn’t really in a pleasant mood that time.. and she said to me. ” your father never asked money from her mom to date me”.. and then it struck me…ouuchh.hahahah and then I realize she was right I shouldn’t be asking my mom for our date. I just have to cut the habit of asking things from my mom. And AGAIN I realized..I’m turning 22 in a few months…I’m pathetic…oh well she gave me money anyway..and off I go …
I walked up to 711 and tried to make a choice of heading to Magallanes or to Megamall but my mind was quick to decide because she won’t be coming for another 2 hours. So I decided to get to Megamall and yes I made the usual routine…but it felt different when I got to the painting exhibit. The paintings and sculptures were amazing…as it touches my heart and souls emotion in those paintings are well interpreted. after that I went to the arcade the usual time crisis.. I played same game but something was a bit obstructing my view and It hurt a bit. so I didn’t finish the game because I got Irritated with my eyes teary. it a bit embarrassing I looked like one who has been taking drugs or one who hadn’t slept for a few days. and then I decided to head to Magallanes. as I arrived she did too…for the first time she spotted me before I did..maybe because of the eye irritation. as she we came to each other I hugged her tightly and kissed her soft cheeks..I felt warm inside every time I hold her. She’s like the spark that ignites me as I shoot into the sky and shout to the world how much I love her.
We rode another train to U.N. Ave. and walk a little to Luneta..yes LUNETA..hahhha I don’t know why some couples don’t like it there its a pretty nice place. As we entered I first laid eyes on the Philippine Map Relief that was currently under construction. She didn’t think it was the Philippine Map because we were look at it from the side. She told me they use to play there when they were kids. Oh I forgot to mention I took a stolen picture of her and she was grabbing my cellphone from me and poof my cellphone fled to the grass and the casing came off. but well at least its still functioning. No off to the first trip. The Japanese garden. Ok lets not talk about that place its crap…you pay 5 pesos for nothing but barren and defiled landscape. Next was The Chinese garden well at least this garden has something to offer..:P After a few snapshots we went to the Rizal Monument. on the way we saw a cat on the grass so she posed pointing at the cat.it was a great shot..:P.. It was great day for me though it was short for some reason.:D…anyway that enough for today..:P and heres the snap shot



you’ll probably burst and say “AAAhh” when you read the title..:P
1. Her Child-like laughter
2. Her irresistible “Maldita” attitude
3. Her rare sweet “Lambings”
4. Her lovely eyes
5. Her Perfect Smile (yes you have perfect teeth and I don’t)
6. Her Silent Glances
7. Her Understanding
8. Her Simplicity
9. Her Passion
10. Her Love
See something strange?hehhehe..:P..PHILO SE