Sweet Slumber

​I labor in the night
Sleep is my daily plight
I try with all my might
I always lose rhe fight

I spend daylight perplexed
Toss and turned ending vexed
Heedless in what is next
I infer that I’m hexed

Oh great Sandman heed me
Pray you grant sleep to me
I’d gladly pay the fee
For the sweet slumber I seek.




Engraced with the Seal

I am a Bosconian, I feel proud and good everytime I proclaim that, I was first made a bosconian when I was in my first year of High school. It was the first time, I attended a all-boys school, no pretty flowers to fly around at. It was a culture shock to me because I am unfamiliar of how they interact with each other(especially I hailed from the City of Love). Nonetheless, I gained friends, friends whom I felt I would keep for all of my life. One day when I was exploring around the school, I felt the presence of the Holy Mother, as if cradling me in Her arms. It was a weird feeling but also a soothing one. I found myself in front of the chapel. I decided to walk in silence and genuflect at the altar and beheld the image of the holy mother as I turned to pray among the pews. From this day I have been bestowed the seal.

Carrying the Seal

Eventually, I had to transfer schools, I went to 2 different schools until I finished Highschool. To myself, I still felt I was a Bosconian, I never knew why exactly. As I entered College I went to a Baptist University in my home town. It was a wonderful experience for me along with the freedom I never really had back when I was in Manila. I still carry values that follow the a Bosconian. I lived by the great phrases: run,jump, shout but do not sin, and do your ordinary work, extraordinarily
with gentleness and prudence.

The Calling from the Seal

However, I was feeling that something is missing . One day my mother asked me if I wanted to go back to Manila, in weighing the benefits, my money was in staying, but I felt a certain calling to go back to Manila , go back to where my heart called me to, Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong and the Holy Mother

The Growth and living by the Seal

I have journeyed into my chosen path as a Computer Engineer in DBTC, I had an enlightenment that, Don Bosco doesn’t just teach us about the academic aspects, but more importantly the Values that Don Bosco endowed to his Pupils. As a legacy it is passed on to us.

Up until today, I still and will always try to live by my Seal and proudly say “I am a Bosconian.

This is my story,my journey,my Seal

Baking is Life Plan and Cooking is a Life Guide

Originally, I planned to write this article with life guide is better than life plan, but eventually I realized that it doesn’t work that way. There are different perspective people see the world in, different lenses that most of the time we cannot fully understand or just do not have the opportunity or will to see it. Now let me show you my thoughts about these two terms.


A lot of people would describe baking as a science, as it must be the right amount of ingredients and the right procedure  and right temperatures. More like having a controlled environment to prove something inside the lab. We all have plans, and more often plans doesn’t go smoothly as we desired it to be(like having to exercise every morning :P) .

“Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things,”

We populate the list like crazy and not think of the effect of things we just added and the things we originally had on a list, like  adding dark chocolate to a rich cheese cake(yes I tried this, it taste a bit off :P).  Life plans aren’t absolute but rather  very fragile things, every condition must be fulfilled to get the result you want. Usually these are for people who are very Strict and ruthless to get what they want. People who have very firm grip on what they want and will do anything to reach it. Think of it as a lab experiment to reproduce a result that a lot of people already has done.The upside for a life plan is when you do things right you get the prize!( I personally find this a bit of too good to be true.:P)

Cooking is like a Life Guide
20130725-112434.jpgI presume that you guys cook(if not why not start? I promise to eat the first attempt:D). My mom is a food caterer so I get to be the food taster!(yey for me!) , I noticed when my mom is very Happy, expect a meal fit for the king of kings! On the contrary, when she’s in a foul mood, expect something saturated(seriously!). Then I thought of the line ” love is the ultimate ingredient in food” , I figured the complexity of cooking makes it all mysterious in a way. Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow,

“Like cooking there isn’t really a process that you NEED to follow, but rather its more of creating your own process for achieving something YOU own. “

but rather its more of creating your own process to achieving something YOU own.   Yes I must admit this process is something that will likely get you to commit more errors than having a life plan, but the upside for this one is you don’t need to restrain yourself when getting what you want, you just put little adjustments to point you the right direction .

In the end of the day, nobody really decides which one will you follow, will you be a Baker or a Cook? Nobody can really say this but YOU. I Just aim to give my insights on the matter and let you think for a while are you cooking something or baking something?.

Advice to the newly Grads

First of all, I’d like to greet you congratulations! Welcome to the world of the working class(that is if you plan to work 🙂 ). You made it to the finish line! But well, there is this saying that ” every ending has a new beginning”, Its like you’ve reach the World 4 of Super Mario Bros and reached the castle and with the mushroom guy telling you the princess is in another castle..(yeah sucks! ahaha ). A lot of changes will happen.

  • You don’t have an excuse now to ask for your parents for stuff you want(well until you get a job)
  • You have to talk to people(yes in the interviews and coworkers)
  • You are basically on your own( decisions are made by yourself not by your parents)
  • You will feel a sense of helplessness when you still don’t get a job
  • You don’t get to have allowance like you do in college
  • You have to Look for work
  • You suddenly realized you’re an adult now

Secondly, How to Look for a Job

  • Go to Job fairs and actually look for a Job
  • make a job street profile or any similar site that will increase your chances of landing in one
  • Contact your seniors or relatives if they have opening on their companies
  • Walk-in into companies
  • Send your resume to companies through their websites
  • Dont find a job and  build your own company
  • Be a PIMP (seriously?)
  • Be MANLY (that guy was winking at you if you know what I mean 😉 bwhahahaha)

Thirdly, some tips on job interviews

  • Wear something appropriate(depends  on your job if you’re an artist you can keep the dreads on)
  • Practice shaking hands properly (and please wash them after you go to the restroom!)
  • DO NOT LIE ON THE RESUME(unless you’re a professional con artist)
  • Be courteous
  • DEFINITELY DO NOT LIE ON THE INTERVIEW (again unless you are a professional con artist)
  • Every gesture, movement, tone of speech, proficiency in speech is important
  • EYE CONTACT ( look into the interviewer’s eyes, but try not to be creepy)
  • If the job Isn’t your specialty but you are Trainable they would take you!
  •  Be humble (Bragging turns your interviewer off)
  • BE CONFIDENT (don’t be too full of yourself! BATMAN is still better than you!)
  • Be YOU (No don’t be Chandler Bing in these moments)
  • Aim High but not too high, and not too low on the Salary(unless you are really really really skilled with your stuff)

Fourthly,When you didn’t get the Job(but i’m sure you will!)

  • Not everybody  gets the job on the first try(and you stammered because you where nervous! :D) 
  • There are greater opportunities for you
  • Keep on Looking
  • keep looking
  • keep looking
  • or Build your own company
  • cry yourself to sleep every night and live with your parents until your 40(kidding!)

LASTLY, when you get a Job(YEY!)

  • Show up on time on your first job on time
  • the workplace is like HIGHSCHOOL
  • Try to meet as many people as you can (you’ll need it trust me)
  • Be humble
  • SMILE!
  • Make Friends
  • Ask questions even if you think its stupid
  • expect Rudeness at times
  • Talk to your manager or a co worker if you are unsure about anything related to work
  • Work doesn’t have to be Boring.
  • Keep the work-life balance
  • LOVE YOUR WORK (It gives you the money to survive)
  • Most importantly LEARN

In conclusion, You have to make a lot of adjustments, keep in mind that you are in a new chapter of  your life, a turning point , a crossroad. You are on your own, you can ask help but never let them do it for you.You will realize why your parents are busy with their work and who are they working hard for.   Good luck, stay sane and SURVIVE.

here’s for the long post..:D


Ideal Leader

Every election season, you can’t not possibly feel it as this is the season, where politicians are brimming with projects that are supposedly done during their term, not at the end of their term. I can’t blame people for having their choice of poison.

I’m here to point out my ideal leader traits

One of the rarest thing I see with leaders today, one reason here is that they do not hold themselves accountable for their mistakes because they realize it will blemish their “clean” figure. A basic tactic and evasive maneuver they do perfectly like Tom Cruise in the Matrix evading bullets fired at him. I personally would not trust someone who is not accountable for his actions may it be a positive action or a negative action. Accountability is one of my principles. A man with out this is no better than the an animal who runs away when it things get hot.

Ahh yes. The law states that anyone could run for office as He is at least 40 years of age , natural born Filipino, has 2 years residence in the area which he is running for ( do correct me if I am wrong with the details) . I do not see anything that requires you to have even a bachelor’s degree. Its not new where some crazy dude from the street files a certificate of candidacy, without knowledge nor experience of politics. People tend to choose candidates based on popularity and later shit brix when they find out they are not capable of handling things effectively. Having the charisma is not enough to lead but it also takes competence.

Yes, passion. A passion to serve the people and uphold the constitution that is by the people, for the people. Without passion you will go astray from your purpose as a leader. You are to show the people that you are one of them and willing to work for them not them working for you. That is why you are called public servant because you serve the public. if the candidate does not have the passion to serve, it would be a shame to call him a ” servant leader” . A term used by salesians of Don Bosco . Leader of the people and servant of the people.

Wew , this one is a bit tough. Some people describe the senate or the congress as the circus. As grown people act like untutored kids. Fighting like kids and raising voices the list never ends. Professionalism is defined in the dictionary as qualities to mark a profession. I need not to elaborate on how they should act .

These are just some of the traits i find in a leader or rather in general a person.

P.s. : this is my opinion, want to bash me for it? Hit the comments! And here’s a bamboo for another trait



Just 2 days ago I decided to purchase contact lenses as it is easier to move around with. As I put them on I didn’t realize until then that the world was clearer in these lens compared to my spectacles. The world is different from each lens we wear.

The “Lens”
I’m amused how the world turns into chaos just because we see things differently in our point of view. People argue and debate with each other but in the end they are talking about the same thing, just in different perspectives. Our culture, our personality, our experiences in life make out the shape and quality of our lenses. Our lenses may be scathed by the bruises of the past, the frames that limit our perspectives, and the ever slipping nose-pad like our grip ourselves because of the fast moving world we live in. Also there are the Lenses that are fake, just for vanity sake they want to appear they see in a large perspective.

The Frame
The frames we wear depends on our needs or vanity, like our preferences we tend to choose what fits our style. Also these frames also determine how wide your lenses will be or how wide your angle of the world will be. The frames may represent the constraints we want to see or the constraints we are enabled to see.

Its sad that some choose the frames that are narrow and small. Refuse to choose what is available to them and continue to restrict themselves in a narrow and very limited view. This is one of the reasons why people are thinking within the box and fear to even find out what is out there.

There are also some who wear enormous frames to make themselves appear more than what they really are. (I really fins those hideous) they are people who are likely insecure of themselves and afraid to show who they are.

the nose-pad
The nose pad is the one that supports the frames and the glasses to stay in place for you to see the perspective you choose. When you choose frames that are too heavy plus the lenses that are too, it slips down gradually, make it more difficult for you to see clearly what is in front of you.

Likely you might find this post a bit odd , but well welcome to my perspective. 🙂

Any violent reactions or rantings are welcome down the comment section! please do leave one..please?

P.S. this my girl’s perspective of me



A Man Inlove Will Do Anything for His Woman

I never thought I’d be crazy for a girl like I am today. Sometimes I overdo it. I just couldn’t stop myself from doing everything I can to make her happy. I don’t care of they call me corny or anything like that, things may be scary at first when you do stuff that you don’t usually do. It sure scared the hell out me. But in the end I realized I’m doing this because I love her with that I am. She is my inspiration, the love of my life, the fuel that keeps my fire burning.. I couldn’t really pin pinpoint until now why I love her and why I chose her over a hundred girls that are closer to me than her. She may not be perfect in every way but I can say she’s fits perfectly in my life. We may be opposite in the things we look at things, do things and accept things, despite all that we also have something in common…. Out love for each other…I’d do anything for her to be happy..just recently I delivered her printed documents in the middle of the night knowing I won’t get sleep. It’s fine because I get to see her, hug her and kiss her. It’s more rewarding than sleeping it and regret that I would’ve gone to her even if it will cost me hours of my sleep. I may be tried later in the day but I’m satisfied.


Weird it may sound I’m growing fond of having her by my side.. Being close to her.. Having to see her more often than before. In more or less 2 months ill be going back to Iloilo and continue my OJT and won’t be seeing her for a month or so. That idea makes me sad than before. I am used to the feeling of having her near near..where I can just travel for 2 hours in a bus and see her. But in this case I can’t because ill have to travel via plane. And plane tickets are not cheap and it is not practical to travel very often I know she understands that but thinking of it makes me miss her more and more. I want to create more memorable memories with her…


for now I just have to do my best and prove to myself and to everyone that matters to us, that we can endure and grow together..as lovers,best friends ,partners ,and faithful to each other until the end. .


between me and my coffee

A day in iloilo roaming around searching for something interesting. My first target is coffee break valleria, in the past I have been to this coffee shop. The service was good and they have mugs that are for dine-in customers. I love coffee in cups it makes you welcome and at home.

As I ordered coffee the manager was all smiles. I thought this is the kind of coffee shop I want to be in. ..I made my order and made it outside and find myself a spot. I waited for the coffee and my blueberry cheese cake . And when the coffee finally came the smile on my face was wiped with a speed of 200km/hr. Presentation was Awful.. I didn’t see my leaf theme design on my COFFEE .. I asked the waiter why was it like this.. And he said it varies on the way they make it…I was about to complain back to the manager , when he went out to give me ky change. I complained.. He said if I would like to replace it.. I already poured sugar on the disappointing coffee..but he insisted on replacing it..I accepted the offer and…

Me coffee looks great!..the smile when back and I feel relaxed… So guys if you went to coffee shops or any food establishment don’t settle for less! It’s not only for you but also for the establishment too, it will help them understand that they have to do their best for customers..

Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!

workplace setting

The end of my OJT is fast approaching. I learned a lot of things even just for a short time. You’ll be surprised that a company isn’t defined by advanced equipments alone. Well it definitely surprised me and made me realize a lot of things about the workplace.

It’s really amusing to know that a company isn’t just defined by the advanced equipments alone, but rather the people behind those radio static and deafening engines. People are the most precious resource and the root of most of the aspirin popping action. The diverse personalities and methods are surprisingly well coordinated than expected. When they work comfortably they give their 100% plus more. Mainly in my stay at Panay Power Corporation, I learned more about people and how they do their work in amusing manners. The interaction between colleagues aren’t just professional, but rather family oriented. Each department or individual is dependent on another. You don’t have to be too serious of your work or you’ll end up going crazy.

The smoke in the air


When I was a kid I despise the smell the pr essence of smoke of cigarettes. I remember even drawing a picture of a ghost buster logo, but instead of a ghost a lit cigarette is in its place. I showed it to my Papa after I draw a series of drawings of it. He just looked at it. I never expected in the near future I would be a smoker myself.

“I am a smoker for 3 years”

It all started when we had a competition at school.. We didn’t sleep right for 3 days. Coffee was only effective for the first night , then comes the second night where coffee is just like water and it didn’t have any effect on the my drowsiness. My team mates was smoking. I suddenly made my choice. I smoked. At first It was awkward. But as I inhaled the smoke and let it out. Puff! My drowsiness left me and my mind alert. Hyper even. Since then I started to experimented on Lots of different variants of cigarettes. Menthol, red, super cool menthol, even Capri which is a lady’s smoke. My favorite of all ofcourse is dunhill frost. Dunhill is like ice cream in smoke form. Yes I know its freakin’ expensive. Well my vice continues….I never really thought that I would be one of the people who I don’t like before…smokers.. I will follow this path until I may learn something from this. No one could ever let me quit.. Because I know only myself can make me quit…this is it for now ..ill update if things come to a certain turn….