Learning From Scarcity

Piggy in Rehab

Have you ever got to the point in starting your career where you find yourself scrambling for funds just because you blew it off the over the weekend without thinking? Well I have , or rather so many times! Likely I’m still in the wrong notion that I could replenish it every time my salary comes around and spend it the way I want it. All those careless actions have their repercussions of course.

Here are some of the consequences for being a payday millionaire.

  • You have to embarrass yourself by loaning from your family or friends
  • Pay for the loans the next payout
  • Scramble about where to get your living expenses until the next payout
  • You don’t get to save anything until you pay everything
  • You sacrifice eating your favorite food because you don’t have enough dough to push you through the week

Now what do we do to AVOID these kinds of circumstances? Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Don’t chew more than you can swallow ( Easy on the spending you payday millionaire)
  • Put up an emergency Fund ( Yes, clearly we all need this for emergencies)
  • Separate Account for Savings and spending (To stop you from spending your dough on useless stuff) 
  • Temptation Control (this means your will not  blow off your money over the weekend)
  • Save up for something rather than Swiping away with your credit cards
  • Differentiate NEEDS  from  WANTS.

Most essentially, how do you go about when you’re now in need for funds?

  • Loan from your family or friends and be sure to pay them back as soon as you have the money .(Very embarrassing)
  • Kick off a sideline Job (your job isn’t your only talent right?)
  • Beg on the street pretending to be blind or disabled( you can pass that one right? Kidding:D)
  • Spend the money you have at hand wisely ( no more blowing money like sand)
  • Sell yourself on ebay(Really? are you even worth anything? :P)
  • Plan your budget and stick with it as hard as you can (or just stay in the vicious cycle you’re in right now :D)

Here’s a start for you my friend

10 peso for you

I’m sharing these advises as they have happened to me, and the advice I gave are some of the things that prove effective for me personally, You should think about ways to personalize the things to avoid overspending or eventually draining your funds and your  net worth to reach below zero.

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Advice to the newly Grads

First of all, I’d like to greet you congratulations! Welcome to the world of the working class(that is if you plan to work 🙂 ). You made it to the finish line! But well, there is this saying that ” every ending has a new beginning”, Its like you’ve reach the World 4 of Super Mario Bros and reached the castle and with the mushroom guy telling you the princess is in another castle..(yeah sucks! ahaha ). A lot of changes will happen.

  • You don’t have an excuse now to ask for your parents for stuff you want(well until you get a job)
  • You have to talk to people(yes in the interviews and coworkers)
  • You are basically on your own( decisions are made by yourself not by your parents)
  • You will feel a sense of helplessness when you still don’t get a job
  • You don’t get to have allowance like you do in college
  • You have to Look for work
  • You suddenly realized you’re an adult now

Secondly, How to Look for a Job

  • Go to Job fairs and actually look for a Job
  • make a job street profile or any similar site that will increase your chances of landing in one
  • Contact your seniors or relatives if they have opening on their companies
  • Walk-in into companies
  • Send your resume to companies through their websites
  • Dont find a job and  build your own company
  • Be a PIMP (seriously?)
  • Be MANLY (that guy was winking at you if you know what I mean 😉 bwhahahaha)

Thirdly, some tips on job interviews

  • Wear something appropriate(depends  on your job if you’re an artist you can keep the dreads on)
  • Practice shaking hands properly (and please wash them after you go to the restroom!)
  • DO NOT LIE ON THE RESUME(unless you’re a professional con artist)
  • Be courteous
  • DEFINITELY DO NOT LIE ON THE INTERVIEW (again unless you are a professional con artist)
  • Every gesture, movement, tone of speech, proficiency in speech is important
  • EYE CONTACT ( look into the interviewer’s eyes, but try not to be creepy)
  • If the job Isn’t your specialty but you are Trainable they would take you!
  •  Be humble (Bragging turns your interviewer off)
  • BE CONFIDENT (don’t be too full of yourself! BATMAN is still better than you!)
  • Be YOU (No don’t be Chandler Bing in these moments)
  • Aim High but not too high, and not too low on the Salary(unless you are really really really skilled with your stuff)

Fourthly,When you didn’t get the Job(but i’m sure you will!)

  • Not everybody  gets the job on the first try(and you stammered because you where nervous! :D) 
  • There are greater opportunities for you
  • Keep on Looking
  • keep looking
  • keep looking
  • or Build your own company
  • cry yourself to sleep every night and live with your parents until your 40(kidding!)

LASTLY, when you get a Job(YEY!)

  • Show up on time on your first job on time
  • the workplace is like HIGHSCHOOL
  • Try to meet as many people as you can (you’ll need it trust me)
  • Be humble
  • SMILE!
  • Make Friends
  • Ask questions even if you think its stupid
  • expect Rudeness at times
  • Talk to your manager or a co worker if you are unsure about anything related to work
  • Work doesn’t have to be Boring.
  • Keep the work-life balance
  • LOVE YOUR WORK (It gives you the money to survive)
  • Most importantly LEARN

In conclusion, You have to make a lot of adjustments, keep in mind that you are in a new chapter of  your life, a turning point , a crossroad. You are on your own, you can ask help but never let them do it for you.You will realize why your parents are busy with their work and who are they working hard for.   Good luck, stay sane and SURVIVE.

here’s for the long post..:D


Film and books

Books and film.A tandem that both have the same goal in mind. To capture dreams. Dreams that are made from the world around us. Filling us with hope and enchantments. Books are the first to capture the dreams and message the author wanted the world to know, and film made it come alive. We sée these moving pictures in the interpretation of the director of what the writer dreams about. Adventure, magic, exploration and truths are seen from the perspective of the director.

On the other hand books can be experienced in the perspective and insights of the reader. The feel of the paper flipping from page to page as the excitement grows. Undoubtedly priceless. The reader can be the protagonist in the story or the actor in the film as he will see through the eyes of the lead role as well as the other colorful and dark characters.

Books and film are not rivals but rather a tandem in capturing dreams of authors and the readers or viewers. Dreams are what makes us human. We go against all odds to reach our dreams. In fulfilling our dreams we also fulfill the dreams of people around us.

Dencio our son and QC Circle escapade

Ok lets make things clear first..Dencio is a Dog :D. A supercilious uber to the max cute Doggie. And now I didn’t do anything to my pet dogs to get Dencio.:D…now lets proceed.

   It was a hot morning and I was again excited to see her again. She’s coming to here to Manila with Ate Lhen. It was early so I went to Seth’s house for a while, we would be going together to Cubao because he asked Acia to buy him buko pie from Los Baños . And their pet doggie, Basil, doesn’t still recognize me and keeps on barking on me. Maybe he’s not use to strangers who are handsome with glasses(Kidding drop the handsome part..hehhe) . and well Seth also wants to take a picture of us because he saw one of my laptops’ wallpaper a good picture but a bit blurry. So he wanted to take a picture with his DSLR(you racist photgs! again kidding.:D)  and well we do make a good pair.:D..ok im smiling while typing that it’s a weird but delightful feeling.


We went on to fetch Dencio from Bagong barrio Ministop(thats what the dog breeder told me) at the bus we were excited to see Dencio. As we arrived the doog owner wasn’t there yet so we went into Mini Stop and bought water for the 3 of us. As the Dog breeder came with a red Box with a text “YES!” in it. My feeling was mutual..YES! Dencio is here!. and we went outside to get him(the dog) after which we went to Philcoa and Dencio was a bit too attached to ate Lhen and me.. but Acia was well a bit disappointed because Dencio wouldn’t Come to her..and in the middle of the trip decio peed on my polo..oh well.. but surprisingly the his leak wasn’t nasty. it was scentless.


We arrived at Ate Lhen’s friend’s house . We ate there (YEY free lunch!). and we ate and Dencio was asleep that time and I fed him chicken..He was fast asleep but when I put a strip of chicken upon his nose he starts to sniff and bite..haha everntually he woke up.and he ate..and ate and ate..then we went outside to let him do his deed..and he did several times even.:D


Acia and me decided to go to QC circle for a stroll. We went there the sun was smiling…and we were amused by the place. Its a park. a typical one that has lovers all over.( that includes us..hehehhe) we went to a stone table and chair and placed Dencio there and at first he was sleeping then after a while he was being playful. He played with the cap of the water bottle.he’s really cute.


It was getting Dark and ate Lhen was texting us where we were. So we went to where was ate lhen supposedly. and as we reached our destination the rain started to pour..like raining cats and dogs with a touch of thunder and lightning. And we were at the wrong spot..it was on the other side of where ate lhen was. oh I forgot to mention Dencio was playing near the fountain before it rained. ..heheh and well there we were waiting for the rain to stop but it wasn’t stopping at all..so we decided to go back to the circle again via the underpass. so we did ..She took off her shoes.and asked me ” ok lng ba tanggalin ko sapatos ko? ginagwa ba ng iba to?” I nodded although I was unsure..(peace acia!:P) and we reached the other side and as we stepped into the part the water was 3 inches from my ankle. it was flooding their.wew. So we still went on she still barefooted. and Dencio in her arms..We look like a family..hahahah..the journey went on until we reached the fountain again and I bought her slippers..violet slippers..:Dhahahah… Dencio was well a bit frisky .,,,,,we decided to come back there together without dencio the place was great..:P


and oh here’s Dencio’s video playing at the fountain area


and here are some pcitures.:D

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Most Memorable Birthday with Acia

Every year since my childhood I celebrate my birthday with tons of friends and people I hardly know. This year is a different and special than all of it.( As far as my conscious self can remember..:D) I was with my beloved Acia. You know that girl from Los Baños, beautiful eyes, lovely lips, irresistible smile the works!:D..oh by the way my birthday was last Friday September 2, 2011(in case you don’t know)

I went to class in the morning. It was really a very lazy day for me. I don’t want to go to class because I want to be somewhere else.  but well I did attend my last 2 classes. after that I begun my journey towards my  queen. In my carriage(the H.M liner bus) I was deciding whether to surprise her by going straight to U.P. rather than waiting for her in SM. Calamba. As the conductor walked towards me I instantly decided to go straight to U.P.  . As I started the journey I was thinking of ways  of surprising her.. anxious , excited and longing to hug her and kiss her..


I arrived at Los Baños and find myself rushing and brisk walking to the jeepney. The trip was shorter that I remembered it. as I arrived at the gates of U.P. I rushed and rushed to their building. I saw Angie on the way and Magie and friends but M and friends didn’t really notice me.( I was surprised how short maggie was I thought he was taller than I am) then i waited anxious and excited and called her around 20 times she didn’t answered I was afraid that she already went to Calamba . and in the nick of time she noticed my call before they got on the jeepney. She was with Lyn. She was already outside the gates and I didn’t see them because I went in U.P. when they were going out.(WEW that was close I thought I would be like some weird guy there waiting for nothing..hehhe).. And we rode the jeepney. off to go to calamba while Lyn went down the jeep not Far from U.P.  . When were finally alone I can’t help myself  but embrace her and kiss her and kiss her and kiss her and savor her unique scent. my beloved Acia’s Scent…


It was 8:50 pm and we still hadn’t had our dinner. When we arrived at Shakeys I was READY to devour a mountain. We chose Shakey’s because I have a free pepperoni pizza on my birthday.(the card is worth it!) . We. ordered a  solo Meatball pasta, root beer float, iced tea and a sundae. i ate the pasta, but i ate only half because it looks that she also wants to taste the meatball..While we were in the middle of the meal She gave me the USB stick where the video she made for me was. I watched the video..and wew..I was so happy…no one has ever made a video for me before.:).. It was a sweet moment.. but not as sweet as she brought out  the letter! you hear me? THE LETTER! I adore letters!..and as I read it I felt something in my heard…It touched me..pure honesty..I love my Acia so much..and wait there’s more! She brought out a gift wrapped rectangular thingy., and I opened it and..it was a picture frame. with our best shots..:) Thank God I have her..:) I love you so much my beloved Acia…I pray that we will be the ones that will stand in the altar until the day we watch the sunset together with our white hairs.:)


here’s the video


and  some delightful pictures..D:

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Dennis = despair

DespairI am writing this post out of curiosity and emotional outburst. What is life without Dennis? The Dennis that isn’t a good son to his parents. Wastes the money of his brother-in-law and eldest sister on an expensive technical school because he doesn’t do his best. The Dennis that was told that they have high expectations on him. That you must no do anything stupid because you only have one shot at this. The Dennis that everyone sees with a bright smile and radiant aura, but deep inside he is a scared kid that puts up a face that holds him together. The truth is I can’t help but envy people who don’t experience and feel the way I do. I am sensitive person. I am moved by emotions easily. I never fear tears that come from my face, for they are true and from the heart.

At times I have this self-pity syndrome. I pity myself for being a person who cannot do things the way my parents want or the way my relatives that care want. I often think, What is life without Dennis. I can imagine the scene. Without Dennis my mom won’t have to do much effort in giving things I require for my college or anything that I want to have. She doesn’t have to suffer from all the problems that I am giving her as her son. She won’t have problems dealing with relatives that have high expectations on me. I am depressed with the feeling that I cannot do anything to help my mother. So I thought what if I cease to exist in the life of everyone. I don’t really see the importance . There are a lot of people who are worth of what i have right now. For I don’t see any worth in me. I am a disappointment to everyone. To my Dad who want a son that will graduate on time, I failed. To my sister who hopes me to be the one to help the family of what my older sibling failed to do or turned away from the responsibility. The burden is really too much for me but never the less, I still put up a smiling face. A mask that I wear every time I speak to my friend and other people around me. Nobody really understand how I am right now. I am one big joke. half-baked.

As of now, I wish to vanish without a trace as if I never even existed. With that I may assure that thing will work out differently and would have a better outcome. I despise myself. I hate every bit of me. At times I would like to ask the the scythe to run through my neck and judge me. I don’t have the will to be what they want me to be. I am weak, a cowardice, a failure, a disgrace. I wish my string would be cut. for I believe that will give relief to people around me. I throw the white sheet into the ring. I don’t know who I am now.


If anyone has read through this whole post. I thank you..


Surrounded by expectations

I am the 5th child in the siblings of 6. I am suddenly the one who is expected of everything my other siblings didn’t achieve. I am expected to be someone who is diligent and one day be the one to help out the family. As of now I don’t see the Family as a whole anymore it’s more of just a name. Every single morning and every single night without fail my mother keeps on giving me sermons of how I failed and that I must be ashamed of being what I am today.

I extended a year in college. At times I feel very useless. Melancholy always fills my heart. Self-pity floods my head. I am really confused. I don’t know what I should do or what I must become. As of date, I hate being Dennis. I loathe Dennis. He is nothing but a burden to his mom. I am indifferent of the things that happen around me. I don’t know why is that so. I am likely in a position where I don’t know where I stand. I am lost in this maze of unending expectations. I don’t know whether to embrace all this expectations and be what they expect me of. or I should be something that I want to be. I don’t see graduation as a door to freedom but a door to the crown of burdens I must bare. I only see work and not happiness. I only see expectations. I only see suffering. I am unsure of things that might happen when I come up that stage and reach for that diploma. I feel miserable. I don’t feel any motivation to go through this. That it is worth it. I sometimes think of ending my line. But it seems that will just worsen the problems at hand my mother needs me to help her. I am in a middle of a dilemma that I can’t escape. My heart is weary and tired. I do not wish to tire myself even more with all this stuff running around my head and my heart. I feel alone. Even if you say that I have my girlfriend. I feel alone. alone in carrying this burden of mine. I do not think I can stop my smoking at this rate. My head is always filled with this thoughts that make me feel agitated and as if I’m going to lose my sanity. I don’t know where to turn to. I don’t know who to talk to. I am in need of help. I feel that I am carrying the burden that my older siblings are supposedly carrying. I can’t do anything now, what is done is done and it cannot be reversed. Mixed and complex emotions are filling me right now. I feel as if I do not have any choice to do what I want to do. I feel pathetic. I don’t know if I should just kill myself so that everything will end. No more expectations, No more sermons. there is just….naught…

Song of Death

Embrace me oh darkness with your scythe
Kiss me with your poison of death
hold me with your blade of blood
comfort me with your blanket of arrows
take me from this world of sorrows
Put me into the pedestal of death
as the scarlet red river flows
bring me peace Da light of death
as I close my eyes and breathe
life leaves my soiled body
Take me oh Grim Reaper.



>In the midst of failure I am engulfed with dark thoughts. I couldn’t help but space out and think about what will come to me in the end. Will I rise up and point and shoot the mistakes I made or just give up all together in utter vain? I couldn’t possibly concentrate in doing things I have to do with this on my mind. It bothers me, It torments me. I don’t really feel enthusiasm in it. Last night I was at my top condition to finishing the PROGLANG project AST, but sadly my mom cut the power of our house because of the kids at the house who just won’t listen. In result I was in the middle of a trial and error part where I cut part of the code into an unsaved text editor and POOF goes the dragon I lost 80% of my work. I got so exhausted last night that I couldn’t work right. I decided to sleep. In my sleep I’m still bothered by the idea of not being able to finish it. but now well I am not really going to finish it because currently my classmates for this class are presenting their work even if it’s not fully finished.I on the other hand is sulking right now because I can’t have a chance of passing this class even thought I asked our professor if i could get a little extension well I don’t know it he will approve to that attention he just said that I should just wait till the others present. I don’t know how to do this and I’m doomed. Failing like this makes me hate myself. I want to get away from all of this . I am in despair, I retreat into my own little world and stay there until I absorbed every bit of the failure part would sink in. I don’t really want to talk to anybody right now..My sad world  is dawning into me again . melancholic nights. FAILURE. is the word that swirls into my head right now.. like a chanting imp tormenting me and rubbing it it..discouraging me in every possible way . eating every light that has come to me. I am in despair… Oh what should I do? I need a hard drink right now. But I think it isn’t possible I have exam tomorrow…:(



Letting go, something that isn’t really easy to do….officially its been more than 3 years since the girl that made my dreams come true and shattered it. Yes she was the girl of my dreams I didn’t even thought a guy like me could have a girl like her…Things happened because of my actions and her actions, we both were young. I’m saying in advance that I don’t have a grudge against her. My life was miserable when she finally left me, I guess it’s part of life that i should experience….I am really thankful that she came into my life. I’ve learnt a lot and I saw myself of who I was..I was betrayed yes or thats what I felt..I took a hard fall because I loved her to the deepest of my heart….some would point out a very common thing to blame “PHYSICAL DISTANCE”. Its what they blame for what happens in long distance relationships, but I beg to differ. Physical distance can teach you some fundamentals of true love.One of it is Faith. Yes Faith,without faith your are not truly loving a person…It is very important in any relationship you might have. Trusting that other person is at first quite hard, really..because you don’t know yet how things will go..BUT WHY WORRY THAT MUCH?! Just have FAITH and everything will fall into place(of course you use common-sense at times..hehhe). This was my dire mistake back then I didn’t have much faith(and common sense)..I wasn’t really trusting her..and the result…viola! everything crumbled…There are things in this world that even the most intelligent man cannot comprehend…Do you ever wonder why all the things that cannot be explained is equated to God?..because His presence in theses powerful emotions are great. By now you may be confused of which faith I am talking about…well actually its both the FAITH that we give to Him and the faith you give your partner..Its the same even if protest…you know why its the same? Because when you have true faith in Him you also have faith in your partner…Falling down and being in the state of DISPAIR will likely taint your FAITH in HIM and in other people..It’s natural to experience that…but it doesn’t mean you have to dwell in that place for the rest of your life. It is meant to teach you something…Something that will make you love more deeply than ever before. We all walk our own paths. so we have a choice…that choice is a gift from God. We must pick the choice that will lead us to our happiness. God wants us to make a choice and stand up for ourselves, because we are part of Him…Love is a mysterious thing. It hurts you, creates a hole in your heart when we fall…but I realized that hole was meant to be made for us to be ready for the one truly for us…We love truly when we come through the all the flavors of emotion…but in the end you realize that this beautiful mess is what they call LOVE..
and what I’m feeling at this very moment is Love…It’s all because of you my beloved Acia..Ma. Engrace Escosura Lapitan..Thank you for sharing this light to me…and we will continue to burn this light till the last days of our lives I LOVE YOU…

if you read through this whole post, I thank you, and LOVE with all your heart.