Just 2 days ago I decided to purchase contact lenses as it is easier to move around with. As I put them on I didn’t realize until then that the world was clearer in these lens compared to my spectacles. The world is different from each lens we wear.

The “Lens”
I’m amused how the world turns into chaos just because we see things differently in our point of view. People argue and debate with each other but in the end they are talking about the same thing, just in different perspectives. Our culture, our personality, our experiences in life make out the shape and quality of our lenses. Our lenses may be scathed by the bruises of the past, the frames that limit our perspectives, and the ever slipping nose-pad like our grip ourselves because of the fast moving world we live in. Also there are the Lenses that are fake, just for vanity sake they want to appear they see in a large perspective.

The Frame
The frames we wear depends on our needs or vanity, like our preferences we tend to choose what fits our style. Also these frames also determine how wide your lenses will be or how wide your angle of the world will be. The frames may represent the constraints we want to see or the constraints we are enabled to see.

Its sad that some choose the frames that are narrow and small. Refuse to choose what is available to them and continue to restrict themselves in a narrow and very limited view. This is one of the reasons why people are thinking within the box and fear to even find out what is out there.

There are also some who wear enormous frames to make themselves appear more than what they really are. (I really fins those hideous) they are people who are likely insecure of themselves and afraid to show who they are.

the nose-pad
The nose pad is the one that supports the frames and the glasses to stay in place for you to see the perspective you choose. When you choose frames that are too heavy plus the lenses that are too, it slips down gradually, make it more difficult for you to see clearly what is in front of you.

Likely you might find this post a bit odd , but well welcome to my perspective. 🙂

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P.S. this my girl’s perspective of me