Ideal Leader

Every election season, you can’t not possibly feel it as this is the season, where politicians are brimming with projects that are supposedly done during their term, not at the end of their term. I can’t blame people for having their choice of poison.

I’m here to point out my ideal leader traits

One of the rarest thing I see with leaders today, one reason here is that they do not hold themselves accountable for their mistakes because they realize it will blemish their “clean” figure. A basic tactic and evasive maneuver they do perfectly like Tom Cruise in the Matrix evading bullets fired at him. I personally would not trust someone who is not accountable for his actions may it be a positive action or a negative action. Accountability is one of my principles. A man with out this is no better than the an animal who runs away when it things get hot.

Ahh yes. The law states that anyone could run for office as He is at least 40 years of age , natural born Filipino, has 2 years residence in the area which he is running for ( do correct me if I am wrong with the details) . I do not see anything that requires you to have even a bachelor’s degree. Its not new where some crazy dude from the street files a certificate of candidacy, without knowledge nor experience of politics. People tend to choose candidates based on popularity and later shit brix when they find out they are not capable of handling things effectively. Having the charisma is not enough to lead but it also takes competence.

Yes, passion. A passion to serve the people and uphold the constitution that is by the people, for the people. Without passion you will go astray from your purpose as a leader. You are to show the people that you are one of them and willing to work for them not them working for you. That is why you are called public servant because you serve the public. if the candidate does not have the passion to serve, it would be a shame to call him a ” servant leader” . A term used by salesians of Don Bosco . Leader of the people and servant of the people.

Wew , this one is a bit tough. Some people describe the senate or the congress as the circus. As grown people act like untutored kids. Fighting like kids and raising voices the list never ends. Professionalism is defined in the dictionary as qualities to mark a profession. I need not to elaborate on how they should act .

These are just some of the traits i find in a leader or rather in general a person.

P.s. : this is my opinion, want to bash me for it? Hit the comments! And here’s a bamboo for another trait