Resolve, Sacrifice and Renewal

      Resolve, how do we define resolve ? How do we even find out if we are even capable of having resolve in our decisions? These past few weeks was wonderful, I took a rest from everything that makes me worry, but as the Judgement day, the Day where I will make a big decision in my life, a turning point if you will. I cannot even begin on how things are going so fast but not that I’m bothered by it.I just  couldn’t believe I am actually in a point where I’m in the mid-air part of my jump.  Yes I admit, I am feeling unsettled, but I know what my decision is, I made this decision on my own will, Its just that I haven’t been into this point. Its like an uncharted  territory that gives me the creeps, that I do not have anything in plan, I go with the flow, every step of the way is like largely spaced stones in a river I must leap with caution and balance.

     Sacrifice,  in every decision there is something you must sacrifice. A loss you will probably not notice until it sinks into you in the end. I am not the one that regrets my decisions, especially I did it with my will and from my heart. I am cautious but that does not stop me from making high-risk decisions. Nobody really knows what the future has in store for all of us. I am now in a point where I must sacrifice something I have , something I held on for years now, something I invested my soul and heart into. Yes ,its like a programmer abandoning one of his babies, its really hard for that programmer to let go, but the necessity of the times has taken its toll and its also for the growth that the programmer has been praying for. There is always the Opportunity Cost for everything we decide on, and I already weighed the possibilities and the loss of the situation. This will not end well for everyone, but sometimes that’s how life goes.  Some lose something, some gain something. We all have to compromise if we want to get what we want, and just improve on that thing we  received.  This is the first time I am really unsettled with an idea of giving up something for something that I know and I decided will bring me growth.  Sacrificing something for someone else is Love. I am sacrificing something because of Love. I know I will not regret this, as I know if its love , its worth more than anything. This is an opportunity I don’t just  wave and smile at this opportunity, as I know in my heart this will only come once in a life time. I must let go of the thing I am holding onto to jump and grab that opportunity.



“I don’t just  wave and smile at this opportunity”



Renewal, What I learned from this experience of mine is this is also an opportunity of renewal, no matter what choice I made in the end. A choice that will be my turning point in the future. A turning point that I believe that will change the way my life is going before. I am slowly taking steps to moving forward, regardless of my choice in Judgment Day. This is an opportune moment to expand my horizons and learn more about life and how things Go. Yes I know everything we learn in life is learnt in Kindergarten, but maybe this is something I overlooked over the years and I’m starting to realize that all this complications in my life is simple as  “I’m sorry” , “thank you” and “I love you” or we fight today and end up feeling bad, the next day we still befriend each other like nothing happened yesterday.



to that I leave you this image: