Learning From Scarcity

Piggy in Rehab

Have you ever got to the point in starting your career where you find yourself scrambling for funds just because you blew it off the over the weekend without thinking? Well I have , or rather so many times! Likely I’m still in the wrong notion that I could replenish it every time my salary comes around and spend it the way I want it. All those careless actions have their repercussions of course.

Here are some of the consequences for being a payday millionaire.

  • You have to embarrass yourself by loaning from your family or friends
  • Pay for the loans the next payout
  • Scramble about where to get your living expenses until the next payout
  • You don’t get to save anything until you pay everything
  • You sacrifice eating your favorite food because you don’t have enough dough to push you through the week

Now what do we do to AVOID these kinds of circumstances? Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Don’t chew more than you can swallow ( Easy on the spending you payday millionaire)
  • Put up an emergency Fund ( Yes, clearly we all need this for emergencies)
  • Separate Account for Savings and spending (To stop you from spending your dough on useless stuff) 
  • Temptation Control (this means your will not  blow off your money over the weekend)
  • Save up for something rather than Swiping away with your credit cards
  • Differentiate NEEDS  from  WANTS.

Most essentially, how do you go about when you’re now in need for funds?

  • Loan from your family or friends and be sure to pay them back as soon as you have the money .(Very embarrassing)
  • Kick off a sideline Job (your job isn’t your only talent right?)
  • Beg on the street pretending to be blind or disabled( you can pass that one right? Kidding:D)
  • Spend the money you have at hand wisely ( no more blowing money like sand)
  • Sell yourself on ebay(Really? are you even worth anything? :P)
  • Plan your budget and stick with it as hard as you can (or just stay in the vicious cycle you’re in right now :D)

Here’s a start for you my friend

10 peso for you

I’m sharing these advises as they have happened to me, and the advice I gave are some of the things that prove effective for me personally, You should think about ways to personalize the things to avoid overspending or eventually draining your funds and your  net worth to reach below zero.

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